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17 December 2011 @ 09:03 am
My brain... it's strange...  
My brain wants me to write insane AU's, I think... the last two nights I've had multifandom dreams with a really crazy plot...

Various fandom characters in the basic premise of Game Of Thrones, with bonus GoT characters!

Ryan (The OC) and Naomi (90210) are the twin children of Cersei and Jaime, who are opening enjoying their incestness as King and Queen, but Ryan and Naomi aren't evil and in fact are kinda plotting to overthrow their parents in favor of putting a Stark on the throne, and Ryan is in love with a Stark daughter, Brooke... and John (Southland) is their chief guard and while he won't make any moves against Jaime and Cersei himself, he'll help Ryan and Naomi however he can because he's loyal to them completely... and Dewey (Southland) is a creepy guard who's loyal to Jaime and Cersei and suspicious and Ryan and Naomi... and Marissa was also their sister and she was wanting to follow their creepy parents into incest-y love with Ryan, who's pretty much just "Uh... no." about it, and Naomi has let their parents think that she and Ryan are enjoying twincest with eachother just like good ol' mom and dad, mostly to try and protect Ryan from Marissa, and because it protects them somewhat from any arranged marriages with creepy people their parents want loyalty from, but really when one goes to the others room at Night it's to plot against Jaime and Cersei, and they commisserate about being unable to flirt with their crushes because their parents wouldn't approve... lol

Yeah... crazy and random... my Brain is a strange place... lol