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19 December 2011 @ 07:42 pm
24 Gifts 2011 - Day Nineteen - Brave New World Cover  
Tonight's gift is a continuation of last night's gift, specifically, it's the cover for my upcoming fic 'Brave New World', in which the Cohens+1 go to Terra Nova and things are even more choatic for them than it is for the characters on the show.

I decided that I will indeed just use the actress who plays Zoe on Terra Nova as Sophie Rose for art for this story, just because there's no little blonde girls with screen time on the show... lol...

Click For Full Size
I'm really excited about this story... I think BNW and Mercy are gonna be my primary stories for a while, because at the moment they are most catching my interest...

Edit: I realized AFTER posting that I had typo-ed my own screen name *facepalm*... I left the thumbnail with the misspelling, but corrected the fullsize version... oops? lol

I don't wanna give away unwanted spoilers for 'Brave New World', but if anyone wants spoilers, feel free to ask. Just know that there may be spoilers for the fic in the comments.