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24 December 2011 @ 11:09 pm
24 Gifts 2011 - Day Twenty Four - Lost Till Your Found (Mercy!Verse Soundtrack)  
This is a minimal spoilers soundtrack. I've already revealed that when all is said and done, Ryan will be happy and he and John will very much be a family, so some of the songs reflect that, along with songs that reflect the low points, as Ryan struggles with everything he's been through and John struggles to help him get to the other side of the pain. Some of the songs were probably intended to be romantic originally, but enough of the lyrics were fitting that the few, if any, romantic lines can be ignored. To prevent giving too much of my plans away, I'm simply leaving the list of songs (and a download link of course), so interpret what the songs mean in terms of 'Mercy' as you will... and feel free to speculate in the comments about how you interpret the song choices (and order! They are pretty much in the planned chronological order!).

(Click images for larger versions)
11 Songs//45m16s

justin nozuka//down in a cold dirty well
kelly clarkson//hear me
jann arden//time for mercy
ashlee simpson//catch me when i fall
onerepublic//all fall down
jo dee messina ft. tim mcgraw//bring on the rain
archive//fuck you
goo goo dolls//better days
matthew west//family tree
flogging molly//if i ever leave this world alive

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As I write the fic, I'll make more specific mixes, but... I want this one to just be an overall mix.

I did use a cap from Southland for John and Ryan on the back cover, mostly because their both (kinda) smiling. I'd like to think it's Cooper and Ryan in a couple years, once they are very much father and son, joking around...