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04 April 2012 @ 10:15 pm
I... I was gonna... oh wow.  
I was gonna post a long drawn out squee post about OTH's series finale, but... I just...

It's the fact that so much of the finale focused on hopes and wishes and dreams coming true, no matter how much adversity had to be fought through to get there, and the thing is... right now I've got some long time hopes and wishes and dreams coming true for me and my mom. Stuff we have been wanting for a really long time is right there on the edge of all coming true and the show having such an emphasis on just that... it's affecting me a lot...

I know I've been kinda mysterious in a couple posts, and originally I thought I'd be able to share the news today, but something came up so it'll be another week before those hopes wishes and dreams are finally 100% coming true and I can really feel comfortable sharing it all 'publicly'... but I have faith that next Wednesday I will be able to share my amazing wonderful news with all of you people who, over the years of my involvement in Fandom, truely starting with The OC (though I was a tiny little shy part of the SeaQuest Fandom years before that... lol) and branching out into so many other fandoms, have become friends, become people that I so much want to share good news with.

I am crying, just like a predicted, and while part of it is because I'll miss the show, and because I'm happy the characters got their happy endings (especially Brooke), most of it is happy tears because as odd as it sounds, I think I needed this episode, with it's message of hopes/wishes/dreams coming true tonight, when I was a little down about the delay in my own coming true... as silly as it sounds, it renewed my faith a bit, even though the happy ending was scripted for them, some of mine are within grasp, and by this time next week, a lot of my anxiety/worries/fears will be lifted off my shoulders. And that's a good feeling all on it's own, to know how close it is, and I just have to wait that little while longer before it's completely done.

Okay... I'm once again being weird and mysterious, so I'm gonna end this now... just now that I love you guys, and soon you will all know what my mysterious comments have been about... lol
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful