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07 April 2012 @ 02:20 pm
I wanna do a piece in my Genuis!Ryan universe where at some point while Ryan is part of the Atlantis team they send a MALP through to make sure a planet is safe and what do they see ringing the gate? A dozen or so statues of angels weeping into their hands... and since Ryan has spent time with the doctor, he recognizes them for what they are and automatically shuts down the MALP ("...the image of an Angel becomes itself an Angel") then shuts down the gate and tells them: "No. Nuh-uh. No way in hell. We are not going there. I like living in the here and now.", and Sheppard looks at him then guesses "This is a Doctor thing, right?" because really, that explains everything... lol

Or maybe AR-5 gates to a world and finds a group of Weeping Angels and has to convince AR-5 to abandon the mission and go back to Atlantis right now, but someone has to watch the Angels at all times or else... lol

Or maybe, since I've hinted before that Ryan is 'different' in my ways than his intelligence (Ryan has said that Alterran and Time Lord technology both REALLY like him and work for him easily... The angels usually communicate by basically killing someone and speaking through them... what if Ryan can at least somewhat hear the voices of the Angels themselves in his head, no assistance needed? Would the Angels be less hostile towards him (Since the Doctor has described the Angels as being the 'loneliest being sin the universe' because essentially if someone is looking at them, they cease to really exist. They CAN'T truly interact with other beings. But! If someone could hear them, even when they are being watched... if could be interesting... of course, i have to rewatch all Weeping Angels eps to refresh my memory before I do any of those ideas, especially the last one.... lol

For those unaware...A little video that explains the Weeping Angels and why they are scary as shit...

And to add to nightmare potential? A popular fan theory is that the Statue of Liberty is a giant Weeping Angel... but someone is always looking at her, so she never moves...