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22 May 2012 @ 11:32 pm
Okay... random question...  
Well, not totally random...

I'm catching up on ABC's 'Once Upon A Time' and thinking of writing a few more random snippets of my AU where Ryan and Brooke are Charming and Snow, and my OC Lily filling the role of a combination Emma and Henry... I've already twisted the OUAT premise slightly to fit my ideas (like making combinging the Emma and Henry roles into one with Lily... she's Snow and Charmings' daughter, sent to safety through the wardrobe, but she's also the one totally good guy who knows the truth from the start... thanks to the fact that a mysterious book of fairytales has always found it's way to her, no matter how many times it's taken away by foster parents or foster siblings), and I'm trying to figure out who fits into the other fairytale roles (including some that have not have appeared on OUAT yet... lol)

So... who do you guys suggest for:
The Evil Queen
The Huntsman
Red Riding Hood
Thomas (Cinderella's Prince)
The Mad Hatter
And any other OUAT characters or fairytale characters yet to appear?

My first thought on the Evil Queen is... Marissa. What if the reason for her vendetta is that she was in love with Charming, but he saw through her sweet act and left her for Snow? So she feels like Snow stole her happy ending? And Snow being the mother of Charming's child was the final straw...

Cinderella/Thomas... maybe Nathan and Haley? Hell, they even have the teen pregnancy thing in the actual OTH canon! lol... and of course they would be the best friends of Snow/Brooke and Charming/Ryan! lol...

There's a temptation to make Caleb into Rumpelstiltskin... he's suitably creepy and possibly evil, but with the potential to be a good guy... but then the problem becomes... who is Belle? Because no way in hell is Julie gonna be Belle... lol... I suppose... Karen Roe from One Tree Hill? That could be one hell of an odd couple, but I can see her being the soft sweet, kindness that Caleb might possible show his good side for... Yeah, it makes Belle older than Snow/Charming/Cinderella/Thomas... but hell, I'm already changing stuff around to fit my ideas for the story... lol...

So... yeah... any suggestions? It may not go much of anywhere, but... yeah... lol...
pairatimepairatime on May 23rd, 2012 02:37 pm (UTC)
What about Julie and Luke for The Evil Queen and The Huntsman?
(Anonymous) on May 24th, 2012 04:38 am (UTC)
Hey I love anything you write. Maybe Jake could be the Mad Hatter since he had issues with his daughter and Nikki on OTH and maybe Kaitlyn could be little red riding hood because I would just like her to be in the story lol.