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23 August 2012 @ 06:52 pm
3 Fusion/MashUp descriptions...  
I may or may not someday write one or more of these...

[The OC/Gossip Girl: The Vampire Diaries Style]
The OC/Gossip Girl: The Vampire Diaries Style
Ryan - Elena
Chuck - Damon
Nate - Stefan
After his parents, Sandy and Kirsten, die in car accident, Ryan moves in with his Aunt (NOT Hailey Nichols... not sure who, though), and soon meets charming Nate. Then he meets Nate's equally charming, but far more dangerous, brother, Chuck. Then he finds out that Vampires are real and the brothers are both members of the undead. Too bad he can't seem to stay away from them.
Various thinks if I wrote it:
If I decided to give Ryan a younger sibling (like Elena has Jeremy) it would either be Kaitlin or an aged up Sophie Rose... I love Jeremy too much to use Seth in his role... lol... but Kaitlin would be perfect since I can see her doing a lot of the stuff Jeremy did early on (like the drugs)...
Ryan/Chuck would be the endgame... Nate would go the way Stefan did at the end of Season 2, except maybe much worse...
I'm thinking Blair in the Caroline role and Summer in the Bonnie role...
Maybe Hailey Nichols in the Isobel role... and... omfg... perfect, though it adds a further crossover... Dean Winchester as Alaric! Which actually, though it's yet another crossover to add... Faith (BTVS) could be Sandy's sister and the aunt Ryan lives with after Sandy and Kirsten die! Then Dean/Faith could happen! And my trifecta of wonderful team fighting bad stuff (Dean, Faith, Ryan) can once again be used!

[The OC/One tree Hill: Teen Wolf Style... sorta...]
I don't watch Teen Wolf (I may at some point, it does look interesting...), but since these are jsut taking the gist of the premise and morphing it that doesn't matter... lol... I did go and read up ont eh series a bit, but... this just takes the 'outcast becomes werewolf, gains some confidence, becomes more popular, tries to us his abilities to protect those he loves' part of the plot, the rest... it goes wildly off from the show... lol
One night changed Ryan Atwood's life after being bitten by a werewolf. Now, with the help of his best friend, Seth, and his new girlfriend, Brooke (who just so happens to be from a family of werewolf hunters) Ryan finds himself trying to work out how to still be the good guy, even though he fights his animalistic instincts daily. Complicating matters is Volchak, a local werewolf determined to get Ryan to join his pack because he doesn't want a rival that could overthrow him. And if Ryan won't join, Volchak's ready and willing to kill him.

And since I'm just about 4 episodes away from being done with season 3 of White Collar...
[The OC/Criminal Minds/One Tree Hill: White Collar Style]
The OC/Criminal Minds/One Tree Hill: White Collar Style
Four years ago, the FBI's White Collar divison busted a brilliant con artist, Ryan Atwood, and now they need his help to crack a copy cat case. So, Agent Aaron Hotchner, the one person who tracked Ryan down, makes a deal with Ryan: provisional freedom, with a tracking anklet, in exchange for his help cracking the current case and some others that ahve the department stumped. Ryan agrees, and so begins a partnership.
Ryan - Neal
Hotch - Burke
JJ - Elizabeth
Prentiss - Diana
Morgan - Jones
Garcia - Mozzie
Brooke - Kate (or Sara... or a mix of the two... lol)
The others (Reid and Rossi especially) would appear, but not in specific WC roles... and Volchak could be Ryan's nemesis in the con world... lol
steve_skisteve_ski on August 27th, 2012 02:34 am (UTC)
Like the idea of Nate and Chuck as vamp brothers and Ryan stuck in the middle.....