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01 October 2012 @ 04:27 pm
Fanart Spam - Part 1  
7 Arts from requests!

1 Ryan/Brooke (The OC/One Tree Hill, Never Again 'Verse)
1 Ryan/Isabella (Various Fic 'Verses)
1 Ryan/Jess (The OC/Gilmore Girls, Inside Out/Upside Down 'Verse)
1 Ryan & JJ (The OC/Criminal Minds, Cousins 'Verse)
1 Ryan/Julie (It Only Hurts 'Verse)
1 Ryan/Lorelai (The OC/Gilmore Girls, Vegas Baby 'Verse)
1 Ryan/Rachel (The OC/Glee, Karaoke)

Finally posting these! lol Sometime relatively soon I'll post another one with arts that weren't from requests...

All of the arts are displayed as thumbnails, click for the full size versions.

Ryan/Brooke, Never Again 'Verse. This is the one where Sandy developed the drinking problem in Season 2 instead of Kirsten, and he became both emotionally and physically abusive towards Ryan. In the end, Summer told her dad what she knew, and Neal Roberts helped Ryan leave Newport, get emancipated, get his GED, and get on his own two feet in LA, where Ryan met and fell in love with Brooke. Seven years later, Ryan is the manager of a restaurant he started out as a waiter in, he and Brooke are living together and just found out they're expecting a baby, and Ryan is planning to propose while on a trip to visit Brooke's family in Tree Hill. The way I always see this universe is that Ryan has done so well in his life because he found people that love him. He found Brooke, who loves him despite his issues (he refuses to have alcohol in their apartment, he can be way too serious and stressed out...) and doesn't judge him about his past. She supports him (and vice versa) in whatever he does. They are meant to be.

Ryan and Isabella (an OC of mine) in really any 'verse of them. The specific request was 'Berkeley 'Verse' (Ryan and Isabella meet at college when he watches in amusement while she kicks a frat boys ass), bur I couldn't think of anything specific for that one so it became a more general R/I. Isabella's back story is (usually, it does vary on occasion... lol) that she was adopted by an Italian family after her drug addict mother abandoned her at birth. She's sweet, but can kick ass, and she's a good listener if Ryan needs to talk, but she will tease the hell out of him if given the ammunition. And he loves her so much that if she's in the room, his eyes are pretty much glued to her.

So... in my Ryan/Jess 'verse, Inside Out/Upside Down, Ryan at some point is diagnosed with Cancer and Jess kinda freaks out for a while (I actually have a bit of a ficlet half written about that...) and then he tries to pretend nothing's wrong. Then Ryan collapses (combination of chemo making him weak, and the cancer taking it's toll) and Jess breaks down a bit and admits just how much he loves Ryan and how much he needs him to keeping fighting and be okay.

My 'Cousins' universe, where Ryan and JJ are cousins (Dawn is the sister of JJ's mom), and while they don't see each other much, they're pretty close and love each other. In 'Cousins' (the so far only story in the 'verse), Ryan calls JJ after Johnny's death because he feels like his life is coming apart and she's a stable point for him. They hang out and Ryan feels better by the end of the afternoon. Anyway, after the accident that kills Marissa, Ryan is in the hospital for his own injuries (Because I have a hard time believing he didn't spend at least a couple days hospitalized afterwards) JJ flew back to California and the art is just after she arrives and she sees him in the hospital bed and it's a really scary moment for her because this is her cousin, and she loves him like a brother, and if she had known what was happening with Dawn at the time, as opposed to finding out about Dawn abandoning Ryan when he'd been with the Cohens for a few months, she would have done something to help him. Of course Ryan is fine, but it means a lot to him that when he wakes up JJ is right there, and she's the one he breaks down and cries on the shoulder of, because he knows he doesn't have to be strong around her, she knows how screwed up his childhood was, she knows he's not perfect and he screws up, but she loves him no matter what.

So, the plot of 'It Only Hurts' is that Ryan went into the system instead of staying with the Cohens, and ended up bouncing around for a while before ending up in a group home where he was physically and sexually abused by the couple that ran it. At 18, he took off and has been pretty much drifting around for two years, but ended up cage fighting for most of his income and doing repair work at a trailer park on the side. Ryan and Julie met at a bar and, not recognizing her from their passing encounter 3 years earlier, Ryan had a one night stand that became an ongoing relationship that means a lot to both of them. And into this, Ryan finds himself back in contact with the Cohens after a chance encounter with Seth, and things get more and more complicated for our extremely damaged boy. But the thing is, as weird as it seems, I truly love the Ryan/Julie pairing in this fic. Julie embraced her Riverside Roots a bit more, since she went broke in a different manner, and she isn't bothered by 'slumming' with Ryan, though she doesn't want anyone to know because she knows Kirsten and Sandy would judge her for sleeping with a guy the same age as Marissa would be... but inevitably they get found out, and Kaitlin is snarky but she thinks Ryan is good for Julie and he's not creepy towards her (like a couple guys Julie tried dating before hooking up with Ryan), so she's cool with it... lol... it's a fun, if angsty, story...
The text on it is a line from the song 'We Are Golden' by Mika, and that one particular line just seemed to fit them so well in this 'verse. The Cohens assumes Julie is using Ryan, but she's not, she loves him, and vice verse, and they are good for each other. Their relationship is far healthier than pretty much any of their canon relationships were...

I thought about putting text on this, but I think it works better without. My idea behind it is that they had one of their rare arguments, caused by Ryan's remaining insecurities about his own self worth leading him to let people (like Lorelai's parents for instance, or maybe some of the Newpsies) get to him, and Lorelai is upset that he thinks so little of himself, and he goes outside to get some air and have a beer and Lorelai follows and they talk and both admit that they love each other and that all that matters is that, not what anyone else thinks. Because they know it's real, not about her wanting a younger guy or hime taking advantage of her, it's love, plain and simple.

The OC/Glee - Ryan Atwood/Rachel Berry
I'll just leave this here...
The first time Ryan ever saw her, some friends of his had drug him out to a kareoke bar and just as Ryan was about to leave, a girl got on stage and started belting out a song, not even looking at the screen for lyrics. And damn she was good. She wasn't his usual type, in fact he usually avoided girls who looked like her as a rule (the cardigan and prim skirt was a little too much like Taylor and he didn't want to touch that disaster of a relationship with a ten foot pole), but something about her caught his attention and made him want to introduce himself, maybe flirt a little, maybe get her number.

There you go! Like I said, I'll post some other, non-requested, arts sometime soon.
thekiller00thekiller00 on October 2nd, 2012 04:06 am (UTC)
They turned out great. The one for Julie and Ryan fits that universe perfectly. Julie has her sly smirk that shows she's happy.

The one for Isabella and Ryan is sweet. It looks like she's happily watching something as she lays her head on his shoulder and he is lovingly staring at her.
crossover_fancrossover_fan on October 2nd, 2012 04:15 am (UTC)
Cool, these turned out pretty good. You've got a talent for this.

I can imagine Lorelai and Ryan fighting and then after he walks out to calm down a little bit, she follows him after calming down and they just sit and talk about what happened.

The one from the Cousins universe looks really good. When I saw it, I pictured JJ running down the hallway in the hospital and sees one or all the Cohen's and Summer standing outside Ryan's room and pushes past them to go in.

Plus you're right about Ryan probably staying in the hospital for a while after the accident.

Edited at 2012-10-02 04:15 am (UTC)
madmedjenna on October 10th, 2012 01:19 pm (UTC)
Ohhh, they are soo real!! Like really good you sure got a talent for this! Love the Brooke/Ryan one and I adore your Julie/ Ryan story!!! Alrighty then, off to read "It Only Hurts"......