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19 October 2012 @ 12:43 am
I kinda wanna write Teen Wolf fic... Stiles, Derek, or Stiles/Derek centric... and about %50 chance that Scott will be portrayed as an idiot and lousy friend to Stiles when push comes to shove... and lots of Pack Feels because, yeah, okay, I'm only on like ep 3 of season 2, so Isaac is only barely a wolf, but... still! Pack Feels! And Pack Cuddles! And injured Stiles in the middle of a Pack Puppy Pile! And Derek being all protective of his pack! And Scott being pissy about it! And the angst potential! And omfg you guys know I like to put my favorites through lots of angsty stuff and Stiles and Derek are MADE for angst without my help! Though the ultimate angst for Stiles I think would be something happening to his dad and I'm not sure I could ever do that because I adore the Sheriff...

And while I still wanna write my The OC Werewolf AU (Ryan is bit, teams up with his human girlfriend Brooke and born wolf Jess to fight th evil wolves in Newport, led by Volchak), I also wanna do a Teen Wolf/The OC crossover with Ryan making friends with Stiles and Derek... because Ryan could totally be the middle ground between them (physically kick ass like Derek AND mentally kick ass like Stiles...)

And I just kinda wanna write Teen Wolf Fic. ::sigh::