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31 October 2012 @ 09:30 pm
ugh... various topics...  
About 2 and a half hours until NaNo officially starts... I am so excited... switched to doing SciFi at the last minute, but I love my idea, so... yeah... lol

Re: The latest LJ changes to the friends page...
I'm gonna keep this journal as an archive for sure, but I'm gonna work on slowly migrating my fics to Dreamwidth, with each fic having an index post, and everything will be properly tagged.

What I'm thinking right now is that the individual chapters of fic won't be tagged except possible with the fic title. All of the other relevant tags (fandom, important characters, genre, possibly pairings) will be on the index post. That way if someone wants to find, as an example, all my fics that feature my OC Lily (Ryan's daughter), they can click the oc:lilyatwood tag and get just the index posts for fics with her. Does that make sense? Do you guys want me to include pairings tags so all my fics with my usual pairings can be found? I'd probably have a pairing:ryan/other tag for pairings I've only written one fic/universe with and don't plan to write more.

I may at some point completely migrate to my dreamwidth (for my fics at least), which can be found right here at missmaraqrites. And yes, that is a typo in the URL, but... I don't feel like creating a brand new one just because I fucked up in making it... and it's kinda quirky! lol

Right now my DW is empty, except for my massive list of tags, though some may be removed because honestly the characters may appear in my fics but will almost certainly never be the main/important characters so they don't need their own tag (edit: I just deleted the most massive section, characters, because there are too many to go through and delete the unneeded ones). Plus I've already 721/1000 available tags, and I still need tags for pairings and fics... lol... so, yeah, it's a project and a half...

Any other types of tags you think I should include? Right now I have/plan to add: Genre, Fandom, Character, OC, and Pairing. Should I add tags for the big warnings (Non-Con, Character Death, Abuse, etc...) or just have those warned for in the index posts (which they will be regardless)?

Anyway... yeah... those are the big things for me right now... lol...
crossover_fancrossover_fan on November 1st, 2012 05:49 am (UTC)
First off, I added your DW account to the ones I track on mine, just so I don't miss something great.

As for the possible other tags, you should only add one of them if it is going to be a big part of the fic or maybe do some type of summary at the top mentioning any warning that you might want to give. That could save you some tags if you need them.