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Say I was writing a new fic... multi-fandom, post-apocalyptic, multi-influences... Would you guys be interested in occasional 'Behind The Scenes' posts that talk about my thought processes for the previous few chapters? Behind the cut are examples of what I would include in the BTS posts...

Alternate Versions Of Scenes
These could be anything from full snippets of alternate versions or a summary of how things could have gone if I'd chosen a different chain of events, and why I chose the version I did. (Example: In 'With A Whimper', Ryan's serious injuries were originally going to happen in a grocery store during a supply run, courtesy of slightly cannibalistic Crazies with knives, and Alex and Luke would have been the only two present when it happened, forcing them to try and keep him live until they could get him to Summer. I actually wrote it out this way, but tossed it because I felt it didn't have as much bang to it as the Orchard Attack version did, and it made Ryan and the others look like idiots for not noticing there were crazies in the store... lol)

These would most often come in the form of either linked/embedded youtube clips or gifs of scenes that in one way or another influenced the chapters in question. The clips/gifs might be from completely unrelated fandoms, but somehow they inspired me when it came to a certain scene/moment.

Why Did They Do That?
A little bit about why characters did certain things. (Example: Using 'With A Whimper' again, why did Ryan let Zach and the others go/live after the hotel ambush, why not kill them and get rid of the threat? Because, while Ryan will kill to survive, he's not a murderer, he can't bring himself to kill someone if he has another choice. He may regret that choice later on, and in WAW he definitely did regret it, but he's still not a murderer)

This'll Be Familiar If...
These would be things that repeatedly pop up on my fics and do again here. For instance, the Dean Winchester and Ryan Atwood brotherly bond that I keep doing, or the Faith Lehane being a mama bear thing, or the Ryan being a full on genius thing...

Exactly what it says. Little tidbits about what is coming up in the story. This could range from stuff like: 'Someone may be pregnant' to 'You will find out what happened to (character) while they were missing'.

If you're interested and can think of other topics for the Behind The Scenes posts, feel free to suggest! I actually really like explaining why I made certain choices in response to questions in comments, so i thought this kinda thing could be a fun way to do it.
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