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24 Gifts Of 2012 - Day Five - The OC/Grey's Anatomy - Ryan Sloan!Verse

The OC/Grey's Anatomy crossover. Ryan is Mark Sloan's biological son and it comes out while Ryan is battling cancer. Multiple AU elements, of course, including no Cohens. As the fic starts, Ryan is a few weeks shy of his fourteenth birthday. For GA, the timeline would be sometime late season 5 or early season 6, so around the same time that Mark was dealing with his canon surprise child, but this 'verse will play with the canon timeline slightly so that things happen the way I want them to. So Karev is already in Pediatrics, but the merger with Mercy West hasn't happened, and Mark and Lexie haven't moved in together.

The OC/Grey's Anatomy - Ryan Sloan!Verse

Ryan wasn't happy to have been drug out of bed, away from his IV drip filled with painkillers, and forced to change into clean clothes, all without explanation of why. Finally, when he was settled back in his room, sitting in a chair on the far side of his room from the bed and staring at his IV stand wistfully, his social worker came in and started to talk.

"You know that we were looking for your parents and brother to test for a bone marrow transplant," she began, looking down at the folder in her hands like it held all the answers. "They weren't matches."

Ryan nodded, having expected that. Hell, even if they had been matches, his parents certainly didn't care enough to donate unless they were getting money in exchange, and Trey... Trey might have donated, but he was only seventeen and couldn't unless Dawn and Frank agreed to let him, which would only happen if their was payment. "So... more chemo and radiation?" he asked.

"Well... we did test everyone involved," the social worker said, hedging.

"And they weren't a match, so..." Ryan said. "More chemo and radiation while I go on the bone marrow registry looking for a match?"


"For god's sake, at this rate I'll drop dead before you spit it out!" Ryan snapped, frowning as he heard a loud guffaw from the hallway.

"Frank Atwood was not a genetic match."

"You said that," Ryan reminded her. "Everyone includes my dad."

"No, Ryan, you don't understand," the social worker said. "Your blood types were incompatible. There is no way that Frank Atwood could be your father."

Ryan was silent for a moment. "What?" he finally asked. "Then who is?"

"Dawn Atwood gave us several possibilities..."

"Several?!" Ryan asked. "She doesn't even know?"

"Well, she does now," the social worker said, getting flustered. "We tracked down a few of the men and they agreed to a paternity test, and we found your biological father."

"At least it wasn't someone she forgot to put on the list," Ryan said. "Was... was he a match? For bone marrow?"

"Yes, he was," the social worker said. "And he'd like to meet you, if you're willing..."

"He's... he's here?" Ryan asked. "I mean... out there?" he continued, gesturing vaguely towards the door.

"Yes," the social worker said, smiling that infuriating smile that made Ryan want to scream. "Do you want to meet him?"

"You couldn't have filled me in on this when the man wasn't waiting outside the door?" Ryan asked, but he sighed. "Sure, why not meet the surprise dad that had the bad taste to sleep with my mother?" he finally said.

The social worker hurried to the door, and ushered in a man, then left just as quick. "She's good at introductions, huh?" the man said as he made his way over to the other chair and sat down. "I'm Mark Sloan."

"Ryan Atwood," Ryan replied, wary.

"Nice to meet you," Mark said.

"Did you have any clue I existed?" Ryan asked after several long moments of silence.

"Nope," Mark replied. "Last time I saw Dawn, she was telling me that she had to end things with me, because her husband was getting out of jail. that was also the first time I heard about the 'still married' thing."

Ryan snorted. "Her story about getting knocked up Frank's first night out never did make sense, since she was supposedly only six months along when she went into labor, but... my lungs were fully developed and I was only a little on the small side. And addicted to coke," he added as an after thought.

"She was using?" Mark asked, horrified.

"She's always been a junkie. My brother was born addicted too, though with him it was heroin. She wanted to stay skinny, you know? Not ruin her stripper pole figure with ugly baby weight."

"She was clean when we were going out," Mark said. "I never once saw her high... drunk, yeah, but..."

"You saw her high, trust me," Ryan said. "No way did she stay clean longer than a week. Unless you only knew her that long..."

"Give me a little credit, we had a thing for a couple months," Mark said.

"Oh, a couple months, completely committed long term relationship. My apologies."

"You're a sarcastic little..." Mark began, trailing off.

"Bastard?" Ryan offered. "It's accurate."

"The point is, she never gave me any heads up that she was pregnant," Mark said. "If she had, I would have... done something."

"Sure you would have," Ryan said. "You were probably twenty one and a bar trolling frat boy, and you were screwing Dawn because she was hot in tight jeans and really easy."

"Twenty four and in med school," Mark corrected. "The rest is... pretty accurate. But hey, give me some credit, I didn't run in terror when I found out she had a toddler."

Ryan chuckled lightly, then turned to absently pick at the frayed chair arm. "So... you're a bone marrow match."


"You gonna donate?"

Mark frowned. "Of course I am," he said. "What kind of person..."

"Dawn and Frank would have only done it if the state paid them," Ryan said. "And Trey... he might have, depending on how he feels about me this month, but he's seventeen, so if Dawn and Fank said not without money, that's that. So... I kinda had to ask."

"Well, I am donating," Mark repeated. "I'm not letting my kid stay sick if I can help."

"So now you can add something besides 'didn't run screaming when you found at she had a toddler' to your good guy tally," Ryan said, shrugging. He shifted in the seat, his hip starting to ache from the uncomfortable chair, and his stomach twisting as the anti-nausea meds worked their way out of his system. "Can you... can you hit the call button or something?" he asked, hating the need to ask, but doubting he could stand and get back to the bed on his own at this point. "I need my meds, and I... I need to see if I can convince them to get me some painkillers."

"You're in pain?" Mark asked, concerned. "Where?"

"My hip," Ryan admitted. Mark had said he was a doctor, so Ryan figured he might as well be honest like he was with his own doctors. Maybe he'd luck out and Mark would ask them to give him something for the pain. Maybe they'd actually listen if he requested it for Ryan. "It hurts to sit in these chairs for too long, and since they had me up showering and changing for a while before that, and walking is like hell on earth..."

Mark's frown deepened. "Leukemia causes some aches, but not pain in one location like that," he said. "Have you told them..."

"I've been in and out of the hospital since I was seven, I know better than to lie to or hide facts from doctors. They just don't care about aches and pains."

Mark got up and hit the call button then went back to Ryan, taking his wrist and checking his pulse. "How long has it been hurting? Not this time, but..."

"A couple months?" Ryan said. "I think it was right after we found out it was back again... so yeah, like five months?"

"And you told the doctor right away?"

"The doctor, the nurses, my social worker, the foster family that tried to deal with it before they gave up..." Ryan said, shrugging. "They give me some painkillers in my drug cocktail that they should have given me ten minutes ago, but other than that, no one cares."

"I do," Mark said firmly. "And what the hell is wrong with them that not only are they ten minutes late giving you your meds, but it's taking this long for someone to get here?" he added, getting up to push the button again. "The Chief would have their heads for this at Seattle Grace."

"Chief?" Ryan asked, shifting again and trying to ease the pressure on his hip.

"The Chief of Surgery at my hospital," Mark explained as he moved back to Ryan's side and crouching beside his chair. "Chief Richard Webber. He'd be furious that anyone was ignoring patients, especially thirteen year old cancer patients complaining of pain. They should have run tests, done an x-ray, MRI, something... other than just give you painkillers."

"It's a county hospital, and I'm a kid in the foster care system who lives here because my immune system is too shitty to deal with a foster home, or worse a group home, right now," Ryan said. "I have no parents who give a shit..."

"Except you do now," Mark said. "I'll be right back," he added as he got up and stormed out of the room.


Mark was gone longer than he would have liked, but by the time he walked back into Ryan's room he had a plan worked out, providing Ryan agreed to it because he sure as hell wasn't going to force the kid to agree after all he'd gone through. When he walked into the room, he found Ryan back in bed, curled up on his side with a sheet pulled up over his shoulders and a worn blanket folded up at the foot of the bed. Mark grabbed the blanket, spreading it over the boy before sitting down in a chair beside the bed to watch Ryan sleep.

He'd talked to the social worker first, to get things started on that end, and she's been all too happy at the idea of getting Ryan off her hands, then called the Chief to see about getting Ryan on his insurance immediately. He had his suspicions about the pain, and if he was right he wanted Ryan at a better hospital as soon as possible to get proper treatment. Mark wanted Ryan at Seattle Grace because he trusted Arizona to do her best for Ryan. After that, he called Derek and filled him in on everything, both of them pretending that his voice didn't crack when he talked about the doctors not even trying to find out why Ryan was in pain, and finally he called Callie and didn't even try to hide how upset he was, not just angry but sad. He told them both about Ryan being sarcastic and cynical, but tough as hell, having fought Leukemia and won three times already. They had both pointed out, gently but honestly, that after that many recurrences, Ryan's chances weren't good. And he had told them both to go to hell because Ryan would be fine.

But as he sat next to the bed, he couldn't help thinking that asleep, without all the forced bravado Ryan had shown earlier, he looked like any other sick and scared kid. Small, weak, fragile. The difference was, this was Mark's sick and fragile kid, and he knew, he was sure, that Ryan was anything but weak.

The End (For now)

I do have another snippet of this written, taking place after the plane crash in last season's finale, but I plan on writing lots more in this 'Verse, with Mark being an awesome dad, and bonding with Ryan, who is so damn cynical, but wants to have hope... and I promise, Ryan beats the leukemia and makes a full recovery... and of course pretty much everyone at Seattle Grace loves Ryan because he's hit a point of not caring and just says what he's thinking about people, including making fun of Mark for having bad taste in women (though Ryan thinks Lexie is the exemption to that rule) and everyone loves seeing Mark get mocked by the skinny kid... And I do know the cause of the pain in Ryan's hip, did a bit of research on it, and it works perfectly for the story... which is funny since I created the pain and the basics of the cause, THEN researched if it was accurate and was lucky to find out it was... lol
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