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08 December 2012 @ 04:26 pm
24 Gifts Of 2012 - Day Eight - Enough (Mercy!Verse)  
Mercy!Verse, with added CSI:New York. Ryan was a uniform on the LAPD at first, but kept being ribbed because he was John's son, so he decided to take a few more classes at UCLA and become a CSI, but the ribbing continued, and he decided to go back to New York (Where he went to college originally) and got a job at the Crime Lab with the CSI:NY team.


"Looks like someone had a good night," Danny commented as Ryan walked into the lab.

"What are you talking about, Messer?" Ryan asked.

Danny gestured at his neck, and Ryan flushed slightly and put a hand over the hickey on his neck. "Yeah," Danny said, chuckling.

"Damn it," Ryan muttered.

"Come on, who's the lucky lady, anyone we know?" Danny asked.

"No, you don't," Ryan replied. "She's an old friend from college."

"Uh-huh, a 'friend'," Danny said, grinning. "Some friend."

"Just because Lindsay's in Montana does not mean you get to live vicariously through me," Ryan said. "And I don't kiss and tell."

"Looks like you did more than kiss," Hawkes said as he walked in, pointing at the hickey. "Anyone we know?"

"Apparently not," Danny said. "Old friend from college."

"Ah, one of those," Hawkes said with a nod.

"I hate you both," Ryan said.

"Come on, at least give us something," Danny said. "A name? An occupation?"

"She's self employed," Ryan said. "And that is all you're getting."

"You're no fun," Danny said.

"That's what people keep telling me," Ryan replied.


"So, how long you been seeing you're 'old friend from college'?" Danny asked as he and Ryan took the elevator to the ground floor after work.

"We're not dating," Ryan said. "I don't do relationships."

"What do you do then?" Danny asked, frowning.

"Fun," Ryan said, shrugging. "We have fun together."

"I used to do that," Danny said. "Then I found Lindsay."

"Relationships and me are bad news," Ryan said. "First girlfriend kept cheating on me with a mutual friend. Second girlfriend? Cheated on me, then had the nerve to keep asking my dad how I was. So now, I don't do relationships. I do... fun. And Brooke is fun."

"Brooke? Is that mystery friend's name?"

Ryan groaned. "Yes, it is," he said. "And she's just a friend I..."

"Have fun with."


"You know, it may seem like enough, but..."

"Messer, I really don't wanna get into this. It's bad enough when my dad lectures me on my sex life, I don't need or want you doing it."

"All right, all right, I'll back off," Danny said. "Just, you're a friend, and I don't want you getting hurt."

"That's why I don't do relationship," Ryan said. "They always lead to hurt for me." The elevator arrived at the parking garage and Ryan split off to head for his jeep. "I'll see you tomorrow, Messer."

"Yeah, tomorrow," Danny said, watching him go.

The End

I do plan a longer one that deals with Ryan coming clean to Danny about his time in Juvie, but I wanted to establish the friendship a bit...

Oh! And I can tell you that various other female characters might end up being mentioned as woman Ryan has had 'fun' with over the years... lol... Blair and Serena (Gossip Girl) and Rachel (Glee) are definite possibilities... if they do get mentioned, Ryan is still friends with Blair, looks on Serena as a huge mistake but is friends with her brother Eric, and tolerates Rachel because she led to his friendship with Kurt... and of course he introduced Kurt and Eric who are now married... lol
crossover_fancrossover_fan on December 9th, 2012 04:56 am (UTC)
Cool, I've been looking forward to reading the CSI NY crossover and it was fun reading Danny teasing Ryan and Hawkes joining in.