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09 December 2012 @ 03:27 pm
24 Gifts Of 2012 - Day Nine - Survivors (ApocaFic Wallpaper)  
This is actually something of a work in progress wallpaper that is intended as art for a story idea I've been poking at for a while. The OC/Supernatural/Buffyverse ApocaFic. Ryan, Dean, and Faith as an awesome team of survivors. Below the cut you'll find the wallpaper (1600x900, but I can resize/crop to new size by request), as well as a close up of the manipped portion. The base image is a promo pic from 'Falling Skies' with Drew Roy, Noah Wyle, and Moon Bloodgood.

(Click For Full Size)

The close up of Ryan, Dean, and Faith. My biggest issue that makes it be a work in progress is that Faith's face seems a little too bright compared to everything else... unfortunately I flattened the layers so I would have to create a new layer on top of the already manipped one in order to fix it, and that could end up failing miserably. I may try adding some layers of textures on top to try and balance it out AND grunge it up... lol

I have gifts ready for the next few days, but as a warning: My internet has been spotty recently, and especially today with the cold front and accompanying wind... it's been in and out all day (I had to wait through three different spots of going on to get the pics uploaded just now!) so it's possible I may end up not posting a gift one of these days... I will make it up to you guys as soon as possible though...