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17 December 2012 @ 07:32 pm
24 Gifts Of 2012 - Day Seventeen - Have yourself A Merry Little Christmas (The OC/Gilmore Girls  
Ryan Atwood/Jess Mariano - Upside Down, Inside Out Verse. Takes place a ways in their future, after Ryan has successfully battled cancer, and they are married and living together in Stars Hollow with their adoptive kids. Robbie's been with Ryan and Jess since he was about two years-old and is now is almost four, and who was severely abused as an infant and is still a little more reserved than most kids his age. Katie is ten and has been with them for a few weeks at this point, so she's still settling in and they are trying to make this a very happy holiday season for her.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

"What are you doing?"

Ryan looked over from where he was helping Katie decorate, Robbie sitting nearby and playing with the end of a ribbon garland, and raised an eyebrow. "Well you see, normal people celebrate this holiday called 'Christmas'..." Ryan began, trying to keep a straight face as Katie giggled.

"Since when are we normal?" Jess countered.

"We're not, which is why we aren't celebrating Christmas," Ryan corrected. "Katie, care to tell him what we are celebrating?"

"Chris-muh-kuh," Katie said, sounding out the word she had just learned that morning.

"Oh goodie, we're going to celebrate your brother's insanity," Jess teased, though he walked over. "What can I do to help?"

Ryan exchanged glances with Katie. "I don't know, do you want the Grinch of Stars Hollow touching our tree?" he asked.

"He can help put on the ornaments," Katie said.

"All right, I guess," Ryan said, looking back up at his husband. "But Katie's in charge of where things go, so... you better listen to her."

"Hey, I've known Lorelai since I was seventeen, I'm used to taking orders from bossy brunettes," Jess said, grinning as Katie laughed.

"I'm gonna go grab Robbie a snack," Ryan said, pausing to mouth 'softie' at Jess then give him a kiss.

Jess shook his head then crouched down by Katie. "You know, I'm not that much a Grinch," he told her. "I'm just not the jolly elf Ryan is."

Katie giggled again. "I think you are the Grinch," she said. "After his heart grew three sizes."

"Yeah?" Jess asked. "Gee... I guess that kinda makes Ryan Cindy Lou Who, huh? Because I was really grumpy before I found him." He paused, considering. "Remind me to tell Lorelai about this conversation tomorrow at the diner," he told her. "Because she will love it."


It didn't take long, with all of them working together, the two dads taking turns watching Robbie to keep him from pulling the tree over in his excitement, for the tree to be fully decorated, complete with a star on top. "I'll get the lights," Jess said.
"Close your eyes," Ryan told Katie as he put a hand over Robbie's eyes, the toddler giggling and trying to pull it away.

Jess waited until all eyes were either closed or covered, then flipped the switch to turn on the lights and quickly moved to sit on the floor beside his family. "Open 'em," he said.

"It's so pretty!" Katie said.

"Merry Chrismukkah, Katie," Jess said, putting an arm around her shoulders.

"Merry Chrismukkah," Katie replied, leaning against him slightly.

"One more surprise for tonight," Ryan said, handing Robbie to Jess and twisting to pull a small box from under the couch. "Luke thought you should have one of these, too," he said, moving the box so everyone could see it and opening it to reveal an ornament with Katie's name on it, along with the words 'My First Christmukkah With My Family', and a slot for a photo. "Luke got Jess and I the one that says 'Our First Christmukkah Together', and Robbie got his year before last. After Christmas, you can pick a favorite picture of yourself from the Holidays and we'll put it in the slot, and then you will always have it to remember your first Chrismukkah of many to come."

Katie bit her lip as she slowly lifted the ornament up. "Does this... I get to stay?"

"Forever," Jess said. "We actually have the appointment to sign the final paperwork for the adoption in a few days, so you will be ours and we'll be yours. Forever."

Katie looked up at him, then over at Ryan, crying but with a smile on her face. "Thank you," she said.

"Go put it up," Ryan said. "Wherever you want."

Katie immediately went to where she had insisted on putting the other two 'First Chrismukkah' ornaments side by side and hung hers on the other side of Ryan and Jess', then moved back to sit with her dads and her little brother.

The End
I picture Teilor Grubbs (Grace Williams on Hawaii 5-O) and Mekhai Anderson (Henry LaMontagne on Criminal Minds) as Katie and Robbie.

As a bonus bit of trivia... Mekhai Anderson, who plays the son of JJ Jareau on Criminal Minds, is the real life son of AJ Cook, the actress who plays JJ... lol