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21 December 2012 @ 02:04 pm
24 Gifts Of 2012 - Day Twenty - Visiting  
The OC/Sons Of Anarachy Crossover where Ryan is the youngest son of John and Gemma Teller, making him Jax's baby brother. Takes place post-season 3 of SoA, while Jax and the others are in jail.

This was the gift that should have been posted yesterday but wasn't due to my own exhaustion... sorry for the delay!


Ryan couldn't sit still in the prison visitor's room, getting up and pacing back and forth as he waited for the guards to bring Jax out. He tried to sit at the table and wait patiently, but within a minute he'd be on his feet again, pacing. Finally, the doors opened and Ryan turned, offering his big brother a shaky smile. "Hey, Jax."

"Hey," Jax replied, hesitating just a moment before pulling Ryan into a tight hug. "Missed you, kid."

"Missed you, too," Ryan said. "What the hell happened?"

"I don't know... shit got deeper than we wanted."

"How did Clay let this happen?"

"Clay was behind this happening."


"There's more money in it," Jax said, shrugging. "How's mom, Tara, Abel?"

"They're good, Ryan said. "I'm helping at the shop, but once things are a little more stabilized, I may see about doing some architecture work, bring in some completely, without question, legal money."

"Your money is yours," Jax said firmly.

"Yeah, and if I wanna invest my money in the shop, or in helping Tara out with Abel and the new baby? I will," Ryan said. "I know I... I know I bailed, but you guys are still my family."

"You didn't bail," Jax said. "We all wanted better for you. The whole club wanted you to go to school and be something big and important."

"Clay didn't."

"Yeah, well, Clay's... Clay thinks all there is to life is the club."

"And you don't?" Ryan asked, confused.

Jax glanced around. "I'm thinking... when all is said and done... I'm looking for a way out. Me, Tara, the kids... we go somewhere else."

"They always need good doctors and mechanics in New York. And bouncers, you'd be great at that. Kick some ass and get paid for it."

Jax laughed. "Yeah, mooch off my baby brother until we got settled."

"Oh yeah, set you guys up with a snazzy penthouse..." Ryan joked. "You know, my girlfriend, who's not my girlfriend anymore because I was packed and on my way out the door without saying a word to her when she came home and she's pissed, she has a penthouse in Manhattan, with a view of the skyline... god I hated that place, way too high off the ground."

"But you loved the girl."

"Yeah," Ryan said. "But... my family needed me. And I'm not about to turn my back on my family. You, Mom, Clay... all the guys... Mom keeps calling me 'The Club's Baby Brother'..."

"You are," Jax said. "You may not be a Son, but you're still family."

Ryan nodded. "Yeah..." he said. "I'm thinking I may stick around for good. Maybe see about patching in."


"I made myself forget how much I missed you guys, missed Charming."

"You never wanted this life, little brother," Jax said. "We all know that. You wanted a nice, quiet, peaceful life somewhere far aware from the Club. Far away from all our bullshit."

"You know, my boss had a big Memorial Day Weekend bash at his house in the Hamptons, and I was invited because I was one of his 'Rising Stars'. So we're all down by the water, and some of us younger guy are playing some football. I ended up soaking wet, and then everyone starts going quiet. That's when I remember I'm wearing a white shirt."

"The tattoo," Jax said. "I told you it was stupid to get before leaving to be a college boy," he teased.

Ryan laughed. "They all knew me as this clean cut guy, always impeccably dressed, even if my suit isn't expensive I wear it well. And then they see the tattoo, a big ol' scythe curling around my bicep, and suddenly I'm getting these looks, like I must not really be one of them because I've got a tattoo. And then it gets worse because someone asked about it."

Jax cracked up. "What did you say?" he asked.

"The truth. My family's a bunch of motorcycle nuts, and when I was a kid I was crazy enough to idolize them, so I got the tattoo to 'prove my worth'... then I realized they were a bunch of lunatics, and I only kept the tattoo to remind me of my own stupidity for wanting to be one of them."

"And they bought that?"

"Hook, line, and sinker. I even had some of the wives and daughters gushing about 'you poor baby'," Ryan said. "I'd love to see their faces if I went back with the whole reaper."

"Don't decide now," Jax said. "Wait until everyone's out, decide if you really wanna stick around when you don't need to anymore."


"Ry, you never wanted this life, don't give up on that other life you built just because you feel like you owe us."

"I don't owe you shit," Ryan said. "But I love you, I love all of you, and I want to be here."

"Still, wait until we're out before you decide about patching in, make sure it's what you really want."

"I'm not gonna change my mind."


"Alright, I'll wait until everyone's out," Ryan agreed. He looked down at the table for a moment, then back up. "I'm staying with Mom, but when she gets on my nerves, Tara's letting me crash on you guys' couch."

"So you're at our place most of the time?" Jax asked.

"I lasted the first week with mom, pretty much every other night since then I'm at your place," Ryan agreed, chuckling. "Abel's... who'd have thought the kid was born addicted, with a hole in his stomach and another in heart, got those fixed only to get kidnapped and hauled off to Ireland... yeah, I got Chibs to tell me about that, you shoulda called, I might have been able to help."


"Money? Not being wanted by the feds? Not being recognized as a Teller on first glance?"

"Okay, so maybe it would have been a good idea," Jax admitted. "But even then... it was dangerous..."

"So?" Ryan asked. "I may be an upstanding citizen, but I can still bust heads when needed."

Jax chuckled, nodding. "Alright, I take it back, I shoulda called."

"Damn straight."

The End
crossover_fancrossover_fan on December 22nd, 2012 04:36 am (UTC)
I've been looking forward to an update to this universe and I'm glad it was a post about Ryan visiting Jax in jail. You can tell how close they are as brothers and as I read this, I kept picturing Ryan when he was younger and if someone did something violent to him, the club would ride up and scare the hell out of who did it.

I was wondering though, are there any girls that Ryan was dating seriously before he left for college, that he could run into again?