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14 April 2013 @ 11:57 am
Feel This - Part Four  
So... it's been a while, you may want to click the tag and reread the first three chapters to refresh your memory. Short version is: [Click for brief summary of The Story So Far]After catching Seth and Marissa together, Ryan and Summer got together behind their backs in revenge, but it became real love. When Seth found out, he managed to catch Ryan off guard and punched him, leaving Ryan with a broken arm and no longer considered safe with the Cohens. Neil Roberts has volunteered to help Ryan become emancipated, loaning him some money until his arm is healed and he can find a job, and Ryan is staying at the Robert's mansion until they can find him an apartment.

This chapter is actually the longest of this fic yet! lol

Feel This - Part Four

"Neil?" Sandy asked when he opened the door to find his one-time friend waiting there, holding a large cardboard box, along with Ms. Mitchell. "What's going on?"

"No one feels comfortable with Ryan returning to get his things himself," Ms. Mitchell said. "And there are several things for us to discuss, Mr. Cohen, so we will do that while Dr. Roberts packs up Ryan's belongings for him."

"Where..." Sandy began.

"That's no longer your concern, Mr. Cohen," Ms. Mitchell said, her voice turning even colder, if that was possible, than it had been. "Ryan is no longer your concern."

"I'll let you know when I'm done," Neil told the social worker before heading through the house to the patio doors. Seth was sitting at the counter, chewing on his lip nervously, but Neil pointedly ignored him. He hadn't particularly liked the boy when he'd met him before, thought he was an idiot and was certain he wouldn't treat Summer the way she deserved. And knowing that his temper was so bad that he attacked his supposed best friend and brother, broke the other boy's arm, over someone Seth had already cheated on... it only confirmed Neil's dislike of the boy. Sure, Neil had heard about Ryan's supposed violent tendencies, rumors of fist fights and stolen cars, but between Kirsten's affection for the boy and Summer's impassioned defense of him, as well as Ryan's quiet appreciation for the temporary roof over his head and the forthcoming loan, Neil could see Ryan was a world apart from the petty child that was Seth Cohen.

Neil was a little surprised to find that the pool house was immaculate, seemingly not a thing out of place, but he shrugged it off as he set the box down on the futon, then wet to the bottom right drawer of the wicker shelves that held Ryan's folded clothes, seeking the duffel bag the boy had said was there. Ryan had said all he needed from the pool house were jeans and t-shirts, but Neil knew Kirsten would want him to take everything, and Summer had given Neil an addition list of items that Ryan needed, even if he thought he didn't, so Neil had decided to compromise and pack a variety of clothes for Ryan, plus the things Summer had told him to bring, laptop, books, sketchbooks.


Neil had laid down a few ground rules before leaving, and Summer followed them to the letter, leaving the door of the guest room Ryan was staying in open when she went in and laid down beside him, her arms wrapping around him as he pressed against her, head resting on her shoulder and good arm stretched over her stomach to hold her close. "It'll be okay, Chino, I promise, you still have me, and you always will."

"I just... I thought..."

"I know."

"What am I gonna do now?"

"You're going to stay here for a little while, and then Daddy and I will help you find an apartment, and Daddy'll loan you some money for furniture and food, but you can come over here for dinner whenever you want, and when you're arm is healed, you'll find a job and you'll save up, and you'll pay Daddy back but he will find a way to say 'Oh, consider us even' long before you've paid him back because he knows we don't need the money, and you being an awesome boyfriend to me will more than make up for a couple thousand dollars..."

Ryan chuckled slightly. "Oh, yeah?"

"Yeah," Summer said, stroking his hair. "And I will come hang out at your place and we can have really hot sex without worrying about being interrupted, and you will keep going to Harbor, by the way, because i know when Kirsten is out of rehab she will insist on it, and she may insist on giving you money or paying Daddy bak for you..."


"Kirsten will not take Seth and Sandy's side," Summer said firmly. "I refuse to believe that she would think that us falling in love after having our hearts broken by Seth and Marissa's screwing around with each other behind our backs, in your bed no less, is worse than said screwing around. And if she does turn out to be a bitch? Well... you still have me, and Daddy likes you already, way more than he ever liked Seth."

"Didn't he hate Seth?"


"So it doesn't take much to be liked 'way more', does it?" Ryan pointed out, though he was smiling.

"Oh shut up," Summer said. "It's gonna be okay, Chino, trust me."

"I do," Ryan said. "I do trust you, right now you're the only person I trust."

"I'm so sorry," she whispered. "You didn't deserve any of this."

"It's not your fault," Ryan told her. "You're the best thing in my life, I love you, and I would not trade us for anything in the world."

"I love you, too," Summer said. "I was thinking, we should make a list of requirements for an apartment for you..."

"If there's a roof over my head, a bathroom, and a kitchen? I'm good," Ryan said.

"And a bedroom."

"I can sleep on a foldout couch..."

"But I will not have sex with you on a fold out couch," Summer countered.

"You had sex with me on a futon," Ryan pointed out.

"Only because I love you so much," Summer said. "But you need an actual bedroom, with an actual bed."

"A studio's cheaper."

"Don't care."

"You won't have to pay rent."


"I just... The only job I'm gonna be able to get is as a waiter, or maybe construction, and neither pays well."

"I will supplement your pay," Summer said.


'What? I'm gonna be over there all the time anyway."

Ryan smiled slightly. "Yeah?"

"Yeah. I'll be eating yummy food you cook me, and enjoying the bed, and the shower, and maybe the couch a little... so... I'll chip in."

"I shoulda made a move on you at Holly's beach party, after the fashion show."

"You were at that party?"

"You were that drunk?" Ryan replied, sitting up with a grin on his face. "You spilled your beer on me and then practically molested me while 'wiping it off'."

"Oh my God," Summer said, biting her lip and trying not to laugh.

"And then Seth came out and revealed I was a car thief from Chino, leading to the infamous 'Chino? Ew!' from one Summer Roberts."

Summer giggled and leaned forward to kiss him. "See? I had good taste, I just... settled when Coop claimed you."

"Let's... ban those two names for a while, okay?" Ryan asked. "I really don't wanna think about them."

"Okay," Summer said. "Deal."

"What's a deal?" Neil asked as he came into the room carrying the box and Ryan's duffel. "Clothes and other belongings. I know Kirsten will get the rest to you after she's home," he said, his tone so firm Ryan almost believed him. "So, what's a deal?"

"We shall not mention they who shall not be named for a while," Summer said, checking the box to make sure everything from her list was there. "Oh, good, you grabbed his CDs, I completely forgot that Ryan can not live without his Journey," she said, teasing her boyfriend.

"Says the girl who loves her random bubblegum pop," Ryan countered with a smile.

"The boy knows you well, sweetheart," Neil said. "How are you feeling? Any pain?"

"Arm's a little sore, but... not bad," Ryan said.

"Take a painkiller before it gets bad," Neil advised. "Head it off at the pass."

Ryan opened his mouth to reply, only to have Summer pop a pill into it and hold out a glass of water with a smile. Ryan rolled his eyes but took a sip of the water to wash down the pill. "Happy?" he asked her.

"Yes, very," Summer replied. "Daddy, can tell him he can't just get some crappy studio apartment with barely any room and an even crappier cheap futon for a bed. He needs a proper bed for his back, especially if he plans on working construction, and he needs a little room to move around so it can be a home, and not just a roof over his head..."

Ryan rolled her eyes. "Dr. Roberts, can you tell her that I've spent two years living in a pool house that was essentially a studio and sleeping on a futon, I can do it again."

"A pool house big enough to have a separate bedroom and a futon that was super expensive and luxurious," Summer countered.

Neil coughed to get their attention. "Ryan, you and I will take a look at listings in a few days, find some place with reasonable rent that I feel comfortable letting you move into. For my own piece of mind it needs to be in a safe neighborhood, with a sturdy door and a sturdy lock, and all plumbing and heating must be in good condition. And I would insist on that even if my daughter wasn't going to be spending a lot of time over there, which I know she will."

Ryan sighed, but nodded. "I will pay you back every cent."

"Except for the extra Summer or I give you to cover the food she'll eat from your fridge," Neil said firmly. "And the biggest way you'll pay me back is being good to my daughter, and finishing school. No dropping out. We can put a hold on repayment if work and school is too much, but you're not giving up on school when you have a year left."

"Okay," Ryan said, deciding it was best not to argue terms right now. "But I reserve the right to renegotiate some of this once things aren't..."

"So crazy?" Summer suggested.


"Okay," Neil agreed. "But, that will not be until you've found a job and have some money saved up. Until then, I will be helping you with rent, and getting furniture if we can't find a furnished place for a reasonable price..."

"No offense, but seriously?" Ryan asked. "What do you know about reasonably priced? Summer said you went to Harbor, so you've always had money. Working as a waiter, part time, after school, will bringing in... maybe five hundred a month. Which means the absolutely top amount I can pay rent is four hundred a month, assuming utilities are included which they aren't always, leaving me twenty five dollars a week to eat, which is barely doable. That's so far below what people like you and the Cohens see as 'reasonable'..."

"I may have always had money, but I put myself through medical school," Neil said. My parents paid for the first few years, but that was when they thought I'd follow in my father's footsteps and be a CEO. When they found out I wanted to be a doctor, they cut me off."

"I didn't know that," Summer said.

"It's true," Neil said. "I worked to get through medical school, internship, and my residency, so I do understand the concept of budgeting. Of course, you're right that I only had to do it for a little while, after my parents realized that having a plastic surgeon in the family was a good thing for their 'Newpsie Cred', they gave me access again."

"Seriously, dad? 'Newpsie Cred'?" Summer asked.

"No, really, my mother called it that," Neil said. "I think she'd been watching a lot of tv, thought she'd stay young if she spoke like one of those 'young people'."

"Oh my God," Summer said. "This is the real reason we do not speak to Grandmother and Grandfather Roberts much, isn't it? Because they're weird?"

"I would think the 'cutting him off for wanting to be a doctor' thing had something to do with it," Ryan suggested.

"You're both right," Neil said.

Summer giggled slightly, then turned serious. "So, how about this. Ryan, you can pick a few places you would consider acceptable, Daddy will pick a few places he considers acceptable, you will then veto each other's choices, and find some middle ground that both of you, me, and the courts can agree is acceptable."

"She's a smart one," Neil commented.

"Part of why I love her," Ryan agreed, turning to press his forehead against Summer's shoulder.

Summer turned her head to kiss the top of his. "It'll be okay, Chino, we'll make sure of it."

To Be Continued...

Neil just strikes me as a man who at some point had to figure out the concept of budgeting, though I suspect his family is old money, hence the 'paid his own way through med school' decision. He respects Ryan for working when the Cohens let him do so, he respects Ryan for being willing to struggle to take care of himself, instead of just giving up, and he's picturing how he'd feel if someone just stood by and let Summer get hurt, and that... that's just unacceptable to him. Ryan's just a kid, one that his daughter is in love with, and he can't just not help the kid his daughter loves so much.

I'm working on some other Ryan/Summer stuff... we'll see if/when I actually get something in good enough shape to post... lol

One of my many R/S projects is a fanmix for them... because I have a huge long list of R/S songs... lol... I just need to decide if it'll be a general R/S mix or a soundtrack to one of my R/S fics, or a FicMix that has little bits of a brand new story that go with each song... lol... or what...
finleefinlee on April 14th, 2013 07:09 pm (UTC)
So happy to see an update! I love this one!
crossover_fancrossover_fan on April 15th, 2013 04:43 am (UTC)
I really like this fic. With how much Summer loves Ryan, I am kind of expecting her to punch Seth or when she sees him at school or anywhere else, maybe even slap Marissa if she yells at Ryan for sleeping with and then dating Summer.

I'm wondering about everyone else at school though. Is this the kind of universe where Ryan is friends with everyone there or just the in crowd?
thekiller00thekiller00 on April 15th, 2013 05:04 am (UTC)
Another great chapter. I like how you're writting Neil in this fic. He's like Ryan, hard working, devoted and loyal to the people he cares about and loves.

I'm looking forward to seeing how Summer and Ryan's relationship turns out now that they are temporarily living under the same roof.
ocmissocmiss on April 27th, 2013 09:47 pm (UTC)
Oh wow, nice to see an update.
I really love the support Neil and Summer are giving Ryan, and I hope Kirsten will be the bigger one than Seth and Sandy and also help Ryan.

Hope we won't have to wait another 3 years for an update lol.
Cheers !