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01 November 2014 @ 06:35 pm
Trying again this year, even though last year was a dismal failure. This year, I am already at 2031 words, and I've only been at it since about 2:30 or so this afternoon (got off work at 1:30, ran errands, got changed to comfy clothes, and only then started writing) and while most of what I've written will probably get edited out later because it's kinda... boring... I am still calling this a win... especially since I'll be writing more tonight before I go to bed...

For now, I'm taking a Star Trek Online break, because I think I earned it, and with my new laptop the graphics are AWESOME! I can actually run it on high graphics settings without massive lag! OMFG! lol

Funny thing is, I've been listening to the soundtrack for the show Terra Nova, and it keeps syncing up with what's happening in my STO game... I'm going into battle again bad guys and a soft tune turns all dramatic... I've even had a couple times where a crescendo of music happened JUST as I won the battle... lol... very odd but cool...