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14 November 2014 @ 06:59 pm
The OC Drabbles - 10 Stories, Each 100 Words  
So... this is a little collection of The OC drabbles, all exactly 100 words. These are NOT all set in the same universe. They are more fragments of different universes, different possibilities, different versions of the characters and what their lives could be. Several have potential of becoming fulls fics someday, because I really like the little glimpse they give, but... for now this is all they are.

Most are Ryan/Summer because... yeah, still love them... but there's a handful of other ones, including a crossover (#7, with CSI:NY, taking place in the Mercy!Verse), and an appearance of Lily... Some don't make a lot of sense because there's so much missing from the story, but... I tried to at least give a sense of the story with them.

Most were inspired by prompts on Write Words, which is an awesome site.

Word count does not include the title.

1. Selfish

"Screw it, just let me selfish for once," Ryan said, grabbing Summer's wrist and pulling her close. He hesitated then, suddenly realizing Summer might not want this, but she pushed herself up on tiptoe and kissed him, her free hand coming up to hold his shoulder for balance and the other hand, the one he held, twisting to thread her fingers through his.

After a long moment, Summer pulled back, just far enough to catch her breath. "Selfish is good, Chino. At least in this case," she said quietly, her breath soft on his face before she kissed him again.


2. Heart

She laid her head against his chest and listened to the irregular thump of his heartbeat. "You're heart sounds weird," she said.

"Gee, thanks," Ryan replied with a laugh.

Summer smiled at the sound, but propped her chin up to look at him. "I'm serious, it sounds weird, like really fast but uneven."

"It's just what my heart sounds like," Ryan replied. "I remember my pediatrician letting me listen, it was skipping all over the place."

"But you're okay, right?"

"Like I said, it's always sounded like that. I really doubt anything's suddenly wrong after seventeen years of that, right?"


3. Burn

"What happened?" Summer asked softly. She'd caught glimpses of the scars before, but this was her first full view of them, running up his left arm and partway across his chest and, she suspected, his back.

"I was helping my father fix a car, and some gas spilled on my sleeve. Dad didn't know and asked me to light a cigarette for him. I was seven and didn't know any better, so... next thing I knew, I was on the ground, in horrible pain, and Dad... only time I ever saw my dad cry was on the phone with 911."


4. Books

When Lily walked into the house's library, the one room that while dusty didn't seem completely neglected, she decided that living in the creepy mansion was worth it. The room was huge, two stories with every available inch of wall space covered in bookcases, each shelf filled with all sorts of books. And each book was, technically, hers and her dads.

"I can keep some of these when you resell, right?" Lily asked as she heard her dad come in.

Ryan laughed. "Try to limit yourself to a couple hundred, okay?" he teased.

Lily grinned. "Deal," she said, hurrying off.


5. Hurt

"It doesn't matter what I feel, does it?" Ryan asked, looking down at his hands. "Because she's Seth's girl, even when she's not. So it doesn't matter how much I love her."

"Ryan..." Sandy began.

"Don't tell me that I don't love her, Sandy, because... I do. I love her so much. But I'm not allowed to. Because Summer will always be Seth's girl, and it would cause trouble."

"It would kill him," Sandy said. "He loves her."

"Yeah, and it's not like pretending I don't is killing me," Ryan replied. "Don't worry, Sandy, I won't hurt Seth like that."


6. Him.

"We don't talk about him," Summer whispered, looking at the picture while she wrapped her free arm around her stomach. "It's too hard."

"But who is he?"

Summer put the picture down. "He was the guy that changed us all. He made us better, just by being here. And when he wasn't here anymore... it all fell apart. It was like... what's the point? And remembering what was, it doesn't change anything. He's still gone, and he's not coming back, and nothing will ever be like it was again."

"But.. if you remember him, you might remember why you changed."


7. Bang

It didn't hurt anymore, and Ryan knew that was bad, it meant his body was too hurt, too weak, to deal with it anymore and was shutting down. He could see Danny's hands pressed over the chest wound, and Flack keeping pressure on the leg wound, but he couldn't feel them there.

"Hey... Messer?" Ryan asked, hearing the slur in his own voice. "Can you... tell my dad I'm sorry? Promised i wouldn't get myself killed... tell him I didn't mean to break my promise..."

"You're gonna be fine," Danny replied firmly. "No dying today, alright? You're gonna be fine."


8. Tangled

"Chino, wait..."

"I get why we can't go out, but do you have to go out with every other guy at school?" Ryan asked.

"Do you see these earrings?" Summer asked, gesturing at what seemed to be to be a jumble of gold wire.

"Yeah..." Ryan said, confused.

"Anytime you see these? You have to know I'm thinking about you. You get me so twisted around, spinning in circles and confused, but it's in the best way, because I love you."

"Summer... You wear those all the time..."

"Yeah, genius, I do," Summer said.

Ryan smiled. "I love you, too."


9. Why

Ryan froze as he spotted them. He couldn't tell who the guy was, not in the shadows, but Marissa seemed like she was spotlighted, her gaze locked on him with a smug smile on her face as the guy pressed her against the wall, her dress hiked up to her waist.

"Marissa..." the man moaned, and Ryan felt his world break as he recognized the voice.

"Chino? What's wrong?"

Ryan turned to try and stop Summer from seeing, but he knew he was too later when he saw the devastation on her face. "Coop? Cohen?" she whispered. "What are... why?"


10. Stupid Boats


Ryan looked up at Summer, silhouetted in the doorway of the pool house. "I got a letter from Marissa," he said, holding it up.

"How's life on the high seas?" Summer asked, though her expression gave her away.

"She told you before, huh?" he asked. "About Ravi, Dante, Alfonse...."

"She's my best friend, and I thought... it's just a phase. She'll figure it out."

"She did," Ryan said. "She figured out I'm holding her back from all life has to offer. So, if she ever comes back, it's not gonna be for me because she and Alfonse got married."

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thekiller00thekiller00 on November 15th, 2014 05:36 pm (UTC)
Those last two had me want Summer to slap Marissa and number nine had me want Summer and Ryan to attack Seth as well.

The others were great as well. Numbers one and two seemed like they could be from the same universe. Number seven has me hoping that you'll write some more from the Mercyverse. I'm hoping that Ryan survives being shot and wakes up in the hospital with his Dad, Brooke and CSI NY group waiting to see how he is and it would be an interesting way for Brooke to meet Ryan's dad.