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25 June 2015 @ 08:26 pm
Home now.  
Actually I got home a couple hours ago, but I completely conked out in a nap. I haven't been sleeping too well, and today was beyond stressful and just wiped me our.

I've had a toothache for a couple days, but I hadn't had time to call the dentist. Tuesday morning it had shifted to only hurting if there was pressure on the teeth in question, and I thought it was getting better, but by Tuesday night, the left side of my face was puffy and I decided I'd call the dentist as soon as they opened on Wednesday.

Wednesday morning I woke up to find my face massive swollen. My upper lip had doubled in size (it looked like a collagen injection gone very wrong) and the flesh beneath my eye had swollen so much that my upper eyelid was catching on it every time I blinked. I was freaked the hell out.

The dentist isn't available on Wednesdays, so I went to the clinic as a walk in and got seen within 15-20 minutes, I think because even the receptionists could see how bad it was. They did all the usual pre-exam check stuff (blood pressure, temp, pulse ox), then the doctor came in. She immediately saw the swelling, and she expressed concern because the swelling was so high up, and it could potentially go into the optic nerve or even the brain. She prescribed me antibiotics, and told me that if I didn't see improvement or if it got worse, to go to the emergency room.

Come this morning, it had improved only a tiny bit (the eye was slightly less swollen, the right side of my lip was only slightly swollen) and I went to see the dentist as a walk in. Because I saw the dentist's receptionist on Wednesday, and she's awesome and knows me from previous dental work, she had actually told the dentist about me in advance, so I again got seen within a half hour of arriving. The do an x-ray of the teeth I said had been hurting, but when the dentists looks at them, there's no sign of infection around the teeth, and the dentist tells me shes concerned about the infection, whatever it is, getting to my brain. And tells me to go to the emergency room.

So I call my mom, fighting back tears because at this point I am out of my mind with fear. I pride myself on my mind, so the idea of anything damaging my brain is just terrifying. So, we come home briefly, so I can grab an actual book and a notebook (because if I have to stay overnight on IV antibiotics, they say to send your valuables home with someone, so no kindle) and to find n emergency room that takes my insurance. Then, we drive an hour into the city to the hospital.

Thankfully, the ER was pretty much empty, so I again got seen pretty quickly. They did the basic pre-exam tests again, then took me back to room. The doctor checked me out, then decided to prescribe me a stronger antibiotic that I'll take 3 times a day (every 8 hours) instead of 2 times day (every twelve hours), and reassured me that he didn't think it was going to affect my brain, but if I started showing any sign of disorientation or confusion, odd amounts of sleepiness, to come back to the ER. (I figure since after my maybe hour long nap, I woke up feeling plenty rested and awake, that tiredness was just because of the long, stressful day).

We then had the prescription adventure. Went to Walgreens first, and the pharmacy tech didn't know if the meds would be covered by my insurance, but said they did work with my insurance, and took my subscriber ID number. He said to come back in an hour and the meds would be ready. So, we go kill time for an hour and come back, I talk to a different tech who says the subscribed ID number won't give them the data they need, but he actually called my insurance company and got the group number that I need, AND found out that they DON'T work with my insurance. So we wasted an hour, delaying me getting important antibiotics, because the first tech could take 2 minutes to make a call (there was no one else waiting at the pharmacy the first time I went, when I came back there were three other people waiting, and yet the second time they actually did something to help me), but he also took the time to ask what local pharmacy I could get it at, and directed me to the Wal-mart, as well as writing down all the info that would help me get it faster.

So, we go over to Wal-Mart, wait 20 minutes, and this time I actually get my prescription and we can FINALLY head home.

I'm seeing my local doctor again tomorrow morning, hopefully with enough progress that I'll be cleared to return to work.

I am just so worn out at this point, and my boss is pissed about me screwing up her schedule, but... there's no way I could work as swollen as I was, and the doctors all want me to take a few days. I do have notes from the clinic doctor yesterday, the dentist today, and the ER doctor today, so I have my back covered that I really needed to be out for all these days. She'll have to deal.

In other news, I'm watching Divergent right now and getting some fic ideas. Like another multifandom AU, with Ryan and Brooke in the lead roles, although I'm not sure who would be Four and who would be Tris. I can see either one in either role. Although it could be interesting to play against type and have Ryan being the one who is the novice not used to be brave and outspoken, while Brooke is the kick ass somewhat jaded one. And together they become a badass Battle Couple. Anyway, it's quite possible nothing will come of the idea, but I do like the idea.
thekiller00thekiller00 on June 26th, 2015 03:37 am (UTC)
That is one hell of a day. I hope you can rest now and start to feel better.