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01 November 2015 @ 10:56 pm
NaNo 2015...  
So I got off to a bad start this year. A couple weeks ago my laptop started making this godawful grinding noise, most likely the fan, it was driving me crazy so I splurged and bought a new laptop, which I love. But the process of transferring all my files from the old one is... ugh... tedious. My new laptop which I've had just barely over a week, is wonderful and I love it and I am happy with it, but it's mostly empty. I'm still trying to get all my favorite programs installed... lol...

Anyway, I had been planning to write SciFi for Nano, since that is one of my favorite genre's, but I kept writing one paragraph, never more than about a hundred words, and then... nothing. I had a million ideas but couldn't seem to get any of it written down.

Then I had sudden inspiration. A new story idea, in a new genre (which I haven't really written at all before...) and suddenly? Almost 500 words in less than an hour.

It's basically a gothic horror/mystery/thriller type of thing, planning to have it geared towards Young Adult level. My main character, Jace, was orphaned a few weeks prior to the story in a car accident that will most likely turn out to have not been as much of an accident as he thought. After being in the hospital for his own injuries, he's released to the news that his mother's estranged father, who for unknown reasons despised his father, has agreed to take him in. The Grandfather lives in a huge mansion, on a huge expanse of land, with the creepy name of Ravenholme (name of the estate may change). The mansion is creepy, the townspeople are creepier, and there's something dark and mysterious in his family's past that has proven fatal before.

The 'plan', what little there is since the idea was literally born like an hour ago, is that monsters are real, there's a curse on the family, and Jace has to figure out how to break the curse, but also whether his grandfather is a good man or an evil one. Does he trust his only blood relative, or the people who insist that the devil is in his family's blood? Why did his grandfather hate his father so much that his parents had to flee in order to be together? Does his grandfather have ulterior motives for taking him in?

I'm actually kind of excited about this... and I may just be able to reach the daily word count goal before midnight... maybe... lol