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23 February 2016 @ 10:42 am
Good Enough - Part Six  
You're not imagining things, I really am posting fic! lol

This is the The OC/Brothers & Sisters crossover where Ryan is the biological son of William Walker, making him half brother of the Walker kids. And Sandy told him the Walkers wanted nothing to do with him, but then Ryan found out the opposite is true, and he's getting to know his new siblings, but he's not on good terms with Sandy or Seth at the moment because they're both being stupid jerks...

Last Part: Ryan got arrested for trespassing while trying to help Kaitlin get away from an abusive Frank and a neglectful Julie, and he called Kevin to bail him out, but Justin and Sarah came too. Sandy showed up and revealed the cge fighting meltdown, and Ryan revealed more of his past to the Walkers, who put some of the pieces together and realized just how damaged Ryan is.

Ryan hadn't been looking forward to the drive from Pasadena back to Newport with Kevin, but thankfully his brother kept the topic on what was most important to help Kaitlin.

"As far as you know, has he been physically violent with her?" Kevin asked once they were on the 101.

"He hit her, smacked her across the face at least once, she still had the bruise when I saw her three days later," Ryan said, staring out the window. "Kaitlin wouldn't tell me if it was the first time or the tenth, but, there was at least that once."

"I assume there's documentation of what he did when you were a kid?" Kevin asked.

"There's documented complaints from teachers and doctors," Ryan said. "My social worker decided I was a just a rambunctious kid who managed to dislocate his own shoulder jumping on the bed."

Kevin was quiet for a long moment. "Do you have any evidence of Kaitlin's mother being unfit?"

"She... not really," Ryan said. "I mean she wasn't gonna win mother of the year, but... I always thought she'd at least protect Kaitlin after what happened to Marissa."

"The accident."

"The overdose," Ryan corrected. "The drinking, the running away, the yard boy, the moving in with her girlfriend, the shooting a guy, the screwing the druggie murdering asshole who caused the accident." He shook his head. "Marissa was a trainwreck from the moment I met her, and Julie's lousy parenting, her manipulative parenting, her desire to have a perfect daughter over a happy one, screwed Marissa up. And now it's her desire to not be alone that's screwing Kaitlin up. Because screwing Frank is more important than protecting her daughter."

"Kaitlin has you," Kevin said firmly. "That counts for something."

"Yeah, right," Ryan replied.

"I mean it," Kevin said. "You got arrested trying to protect her from a man you know is violent. And it's pretty damn obvious you don't regret that for a minute."

"I don't," Ryan agreed. "I told Kaitlin once that no matter what happened between Julie and Frank, she would always be my sister, and I meant it. I will always protect her."

"And we'll always protect you, so by extension that girl's gained the Walker family, too."

Ryan chuckled. "She's never gonna forgive me for that," he said, glancing over.

"Hey, we're not that bad!" Kevin protested.

"Yeah, you're kinda growing on me. Like a fungus or a mold. A particularly virulant one."

"Oh, you are a mean little brother," Kevin said.

"Yeah, well, you guys have massive boundary issues," Ryan replied.

"What else do you think I should know?" Kevin asked.


When Kevin pulled up in front of the Roberts mansion, he couldn't help the low whistle. "Wow."

"Summer's dad is a plastic surgeon," Ryan explained as they got out and started up the long staircase. "And Summer's... well... she's Summer. Former party girl turned eco girl, saving the world, one polluter as a time."

"Interesting friends you have."

"Does not even begin to cover them," Ryan replied with a shrug. Then his expression changed as the door opened and Kaitlin ran out to throw herself at him. "Hey, it's okay," he whispered, holding on tight for a minute. "It's gonna be okay, I will never let him touch you again."

"It's not that," Kaitlin said, pulling to look at him. "You got in touch with my dad yesterday?"

Ryan nodded, putting an arm around Kaitlin's shoulders as the group started inside. "Yeah, well, I... I know he wasn't very reliable the last few years, but... he loves you, and he loved Marissa. I thought he should know what was going on."

"He said you called him a selfish asshole for abandoning me," Kaitlin said. "When did you even call him?"

"When you were packing stuff in your room and I stepped out into the hall," Ryan said. "Frank showed up yelling at me at the end of the call so I didn't get the chance to tell you."

"That explains him apologizing for leaving me with Mom, and for not knowing that she was dating an abusive asshat. And yes, he really did say that, I worry about him being by himself if he's using that dated of insults."

"You have much you can teach him," Ryan teased.

Kaitlin smiled. "So I guess you maybe came out for nothing, Mr. Walker," she said to Kevin. "My dad's coming back to Newport for me. He came into enough money to pay off the people he owed money to, and I may have to get used to living on a houseboat, but... after living with my mom and Frank... that kinda sounds like paradise."

"No apology neccesary," Kevin said. "This is probably a better solution for you. But, if your mom gives either you or your dad any trouble, call me, I will help."

"Thanks," Kaitlin said. "There's actually a few things I did want to ask you, if we can talk in private?"

"Sure," Kevin said, gesturing to the patio doors.

Once they were outside, the doors closed, Kaitlin turned towards him, arms crossing over her chest. "I don't care if my dad takes me to the other side of the planet, if you Walkers let Ryan down? I will come back and hurt you. And don't think I'm kidding because I'm not. He has always taken care of everyone else, and he deserves to have people take care of him for once."

Kevin nodded, holding up his hands in surrender. "I know, we've already figured that part out. Trust me, after the last two days, the things we've found out about Frank Atwood? All we want is to protect him."

"Then get him to leave Newport," Kaitlin said. "Either to go to college, or to move to Pasadena to be closer to your guys, just get him to leave. Because Frank is not going to let all of this go, and the Cohens... they love him, but they expect so much from him, and no matter how hard he tries, I know he doesn't think he's good enough. And he deserves better than that."

"He does," Kevin agreed. "We'll take care of him as much as he'll let us."

"Even when he won't let you," Kaitlin said firmly. "Because he pretends he's tough and doesn't need anyone, but... he really does."

"You're pretty smart for a girl wearing skull and crossbone earrings," Kevin said.

"Yeah well... Ryan once told me that pretending to be stupid will never get me anything but a people who won't appreciate how awesome I really am."

"I'm starting to think he may be smarter than all the rest of us," Kevin said.

"Just remember that, and you'll be fine," Kaitlin said.


"What did Kaitlin talk to you about?" Ryan asked after they sai goodbye to the girls and started towards the Cohen house, where Summer had told him she had dropped his jeep off earlier.

"Basically? She threatened bodily harm if we didn't take good care of you," Kevin said.

"Oh geeze..."

"It was actually kinda sweet," Kevin said. "But terrifying."

"I'm sorry..."

"Don't be," Kevin said. "It's good to know you've had some people solidly in your corner."

"The Cohens are good people," Ryan began.

"But they put a lot of pressure on you to be perfect?"

"Not perfect," Ryan said. "Just... better. Don't get in trouble, use my words instead of my fists, ignore the stares and the comments..."

"Not so easy to do all that," Kevin said. "I'm guessing it's not easy to live here."

"What's your point?"

"Scotty had two job opennings. Even if Kaitlin had taken one of them, he was willing to offer you the second," Kevin said. "You could move to Pasadena."


"For the record, Kaitlin told me that if we really want what's best for you, we'd get you to leave Newport. Either for College or for Pasadena. She's worried Atwood'll go after you."

"He probably will," Ryan admitted.

"So at least take the job until you decide about college," Kevin said. "Mom wants you to stay at the house, and I know how weird that is for you, but... she means it. You're family, and that's all that matters to her. Not how you're family, just that you are."

Ryan sighed. "You know, when I called you guys mold or fungus... it was affectionately," he said. "You have serious boundary issues, and sometimes I may be pissed off about it, but... you're my family."

"And we are always gonna be in your corner. Even if we hate your choices, you can still turn to us if you need us. Justin told you about his... addiction, right?"

"Yeah, he said he was pretty bad for a while, embarassed all of you, let you down... but you still helped him."

"Exactly, because no matter how angry we were with him, he was still our little brother, and we weren't about to turn our backs on him. Tommy tried, but he couldn't hold to it in the end. And you... you're the baby, so you're not escaping us."

Ryan chuckled, but nodded. "Okay, yeah, waiter in Pasadena. I can do that."


"So I guess I'll see you tonight for another family dinner," Ryan said.

"Do you want help getting some of your stuff together?" Kevin asked as they pulled into the Cohen driveway, not really wanting to leave Ryan alone with the Cohens. He didn't think they'd hurt him physically, but he didn't want them trying to to convince him to stay and twisting his head around, making him doubt himself, or maybe worse doubt the Walkers.

"This time of day, everyone should be at work," Ryan replied. "I basically plan to pack a bag and get out, no contact. I'll call Kirsten later, she's been the least judgemental about this. Hell, she initially encouraged me to meet you guys, before Sandy convinced us to let him check you out first. She said she thought it might be good for me to have more family."

Kevin nodded, spotting a thin blonde woman standing in the doorway looking somehow both relieved and worried. "I don't think you'll have to call," he said, gesturing.

Ryan looked over and tensed immediately, but before Kevin could say anything he got out of the car and walked up to her. "Kirsten, I..."

"All I need to know is if you're okay?" Kirsten said.

"Yeah, I'm okay," Ryan said. "Kevin bailed me out last night," he added, gesturing for Kevin to come over. "Kirsten Cohen, meet Kevin Walker, fourth out of the five."

"It's nice to meet you," Kevin said, shaking her hand. "Ryan's spoken highly of you."

"Ryan's talked?" Kirsten said, only half teasing. "I'm impressed, it took us months to get more than a sentence or two."

"Well, we Walkers have a way of making people talk," Kevin joked.

"Kevin was going to help Kaitlin get emancipated if she wanted," Ryan said. "But Jimmy's coming back, so she plans on living with him, instead."

"Good," Kirsten said. "Jimmy may have his faults, but... at least he always tried to take care of the girls, even if he was an idiot about how."

"As long as he doesn't get punched at Kaitlin's Cottillion," Ryan said.

"Especially if you're not there to save him," Kirsten agreed. "Because I get the feeling..."

"Kevin's husband owns a restraunt in Pasadena. There's a job..." Ryan began. "I'm sorry, Kirsten, I just... I'm so... Sandy lied to me. He knows that so many people have just... walked away from me without even a glance back, so many people have said I wasn't good enough, my own mother doesn't care, and he turns around and tells me that five more relatives don't even want to meet me? And then I find out it was a lie, that they did want to know me, and that... that once they met me, they seem to actually like me..."

"We do," Kevin said firmly. "Mrs. Cohen, we're not trying to take Ryan away. Your family... you were there when he needed someone the most, and we are all so grateful that he had you guys, we just..."

"You want to know him," Kirsten said, nodding. "I completely understand, and I want Ryan to know all of you. As long as it's... as long as it's a good relationship."

"In other words, if we hurt him, you'll hunt us down?" Kevin asked. "Got the same threat from kaitlin, and I'll tell you what I told her. All we want is for him to be safe and happy. Preferably where Frank Atwood can't get near him." Kevin paused then, glancing over at Ryan before continuing. "Why don't you come to dinner tonight? Meet the rest of the Walker Family, see that we may be a little chaotic, but... we love each other, and we love Ryan. But just you, because family sentiment is running very against your husband and son right now."

"What did Seth do?" Kirsten asked Ryan, not doubting, but clearly annoyed to hear that he did something.

"He said if the Walker's cared about me, they wouldn't care if I got upset," Ryan explained.

"We don't get it either," Kevin told her when she looked completely baffled.

"There is such a temptation to let them think for a few days that you told me you never want to talk to us again because of all this," Kirsten said. "Maybe then it would get through to them. But Kevin, I would love to come to dinner and meet everyone, as long as it's okay with Ryan."

"Absolutely," Ryan said quickly. "I'm leaving Newport, not the Cohen Family. Give me some time I'll get over being mad at Sandy and Seth, but right now I need some distance from them, or I will say or do something I'll regret when I calm down."

"I understand," Kirsten said.

"But I do want you to come to dinner," Ryan added. "So you won't worry."

"Ryan, I will always worry," Kirsten said, reaching out to cup his cheek with her hand. "But maybe a little less if I meet all of them."

"We could invite Summer and Kaitlin, too," Kevin suggested. "Because Summer leveled a similiar threat to Kaitlin's. Reassure the three scariest women I've met in a long time that we're not going to hurt you."

"I am definitely telling everyone you said that," Ryan said. "After they see how tiny all three are."

"Why don't you go get the things you're taking for now while I get the address?" Kirsten suggested.

"Subtle," Ryan replied, even as he went to do as told.

They trailed behind him as far as the kitchen, Kevin noticing that there were almost as many pictures of Ryan displayed around the house as there were of who he assumed was Seth Cohen. On the fridge he spotted more pictures, candid shots of Ryan with various people, including a shot of Ryan with Seth, Summer, and a waif of a girl who vaguely resembled Kaitlin, all of them in their graduation robes.

"That's my other son and... and Marissa Cooper, with Ryan and Summer," Kirsten explained. "Marissa died the next night."

"Ryan told us a little about it, and we figured out the rest," Kevin said, nodding. "He never actually told us that the girlfriend that died was the sister of the girl he was trying to help."

"He adored Kaitlin even before that," Kirsten said. "I've heard from her that he used to be over at the Cooper's house to see Marissa, and he'd help Kaitlin with her math and science homework. Marissa apparently did not appreciate her boyfriend paying attention to her little sister."

"Does he always pretend not to care what people think of him?" Kevin asked impulsively. "The first night we met him, he tried to act like he didn't care if we didn't like him, but... it was pretty obvious he was worried."

"He likes to pretend he's tough and doesn't need anyone," Kirsten agreed. "I am so grateful that he has all of you now, too."

"Well, we were told he didn't want to know us," Kevin admitted. "That after he heard about the party your husband went to where he met us, Ryan decided he didn't want anything to do with us."

"Another reason to strangle my husband," Kirsten said.

"Well, if you need a lawyer after..." Kevin offered, handing her a piece of paper with Nora's address.

Kirsten laughed slightly. "I may be in touch," she said.

To be Continued...

There was a scene of Summer threatening Kevin and the Walkers, but it didn't really work well with the flow. Just assume it went similar to the Kaitlin version, but with threats of fork stabbings added. Next part will have the dinner with the ladies and the Walkers.
finleefinlee on February 24th, 2016 08:39 pm (UTC)
It's been a while! Thanks for the update!