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26 February 2016 @ 09:12 pm
So I was being silly and looking at 'Fuller House' stuff on Tumblr, and I saw that there's apparently a scene in a later ep where DJ's two love interests, Steve and some guy, lean into to kiss her at the same time and she moves back and they kiss eachother. Mostly I love it because all though there's shocked faces, and the guys yank apart and have some seriously 'ugh' expressions when they realize, the guys don't seem to be disgusted just because they kissed another guy. It's pretty clear they're disgusted by the specific guy, since they're rivals for DJ's affections. And I love that.

Anyway, it made the thought pop into my head that I'd love a sitcom or family dramedy type show to have a gay love triangle that is played for laughs the same way a Boy/Girl/Boy or Girl/Boy/Girl love triangle is, and where there is no obvious answer of "C is a jerk! B should chose A!", because both are great guys in different ways. The two rivals for affection hate each other, but they both love the center of their affections. Maybe the center of affections actually leads them both on, dating them at the same time, but there's hijinks in the whole thing as they try to keep the guys from finding out about each other. But of course the guys do find out, and there's a big 'Choose one!" scene, and the center can't chose and both guys walk out, go to a bar and become friends... and maybe get together with each other... but they aren't just forgotten because they are main characters.

I just would love to see truly equal representation in all sections of TV. Why must gay characters on sitcoms/comedies have to be perpetually single, or over the top in one way or another?

In my little dream scenario above, none of the guys would be 'effeminate', because too often that is played for laughs and mocking. One would be in a rock band. One would be an athlete, playing football or basketball or something. The third would maybe be a science and math geek, but not the kind of geek who too often gets mocked. He'd be the kind like NASA's famous mohawk guy, and he'd be the one to go to if you needed help making a stink bomb or something similar. None of them are cliche gay guys, and being gay is just a relatively small part of who they are. They have families, parents and siblings, who maybe love and support them but maybe don't. Maybe Jock's conservative dressing 'traditional family values' parents are actually incredibly open minded and supportive of him being gay, as long as he's in a happy, healthy relationship. Maybe Mohawk who everyone thinks has the greatest parents ever and everyone assumes support him because they are so laid back and 'cool', actually has homophobic parents that want to ship him off to 'pray away the gay' and 'fix' him.

Oh God... now I want to actually figure out my dream cast and figure out all the other characters and write a detailed episode guide... lmao... I need to stop having 'fun little ideas'... because they always blossom into big fun ideas... lol