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11 August 2016 @ 11:32 am
Pick-A-Prompt Fic - "All My Life" - Prompt #29  
Check out the details for this Pick A Prompt over HERE. Basically either you can challenge me or you can accept my challenge, either way you pick a number and a fic will be written by someone. Please Challenge/Accept the challenge, over on that post. Jennifer Smith challenged me to write #29 with The OC/Brothers and Sisters, and it is set in my 'Good Enough' universe, but I might not use this in the actual story, I don't know for sure yet.

The gif chosen isn't related to either fandom (I'm not 100% sure what it's from, either... I found it randomly), but that's part of the fun, finding a way to take inspiration from something unrelated!

 photo _ 29_zpsri7fdtaw.gif
Prompt #29 - All My Life

Ryan threw one final punch, winning the fight, then turned only to freeze as he saw Justin and Kevin watching, looks of horror on their faces. Immediately, the tension he'd eased with the cage fight came rushing back and he exited the cage with head hanging. "Don't," he told them, heading for the backroom to clean up.

"You bailed on dinner, and when I asked Summer she said..."

"I don't care what she said," Ryan said, wishing the ground would open up and swallow him.

"She said you saw your mom and it didn't go well," Kevin pressed on. "What happened?"

"She didn't tell you what Dawn said?" Ryan asked, turning to face them. "She didn't... I told her what happened, and you expect me to believe she didn't tell you immediately, Justin? I love Summer, she's family, but she doesn't know when to shut up, especially to people she's sleeping with, so don't..."

"She said we should ask you," Justin said, ignoring the look Kevin shot him about the Summer revelation. "That it was something you needed to decide what you wanted to say."

"God... The one time... she shoulda just... The one time I wish she would open her mouth and tell someone else's secret..."

"What's going on?" Kevin asked. "We're your brothers..."

"Except maybe not," Ryan said, his voice cracking. "Dawn doesn't know if William was actually my father, there's like three other possibles. Not counting her husband at the time, since he was in prison she only had one conjugal with him that month, while all the other guys it was like twice a week. She... she told him he was, because he had more money than any of the others. Because he gave her money to take care of me. Except she didn't even do that, she used his money for more drugs, and booze, and loser boyfriends... she... my father might be the dealer she fucked while my brother was locked in the same room's closet. Or the other dealer she fucked to get free drugs. Or the bouncer at the strip club she worked at. She doesn't know. I don't... I don't know. There's a one in five chance that it was William, one in five chance your my brothers."

"No," Kevin said, shaking his head. "You're our brother. You said it yourself, we're like some sort of virilent mold, once you've got us you can't get rid of us. We're family now, no matter what."

"Yeah right."

"We are," Justin said firmly. "Come on, let's just go back to the house, and..."

"No!" Ryan snapped. "No. It..."

"I get it, okay?" Justin said. "For you, this... the cage fighting... it's kinda like the drugs were for me. An escape. You use it to just forget what really hurts for a while. But it's not gonna fix anything. So just... come back to the house, and if you want, we'll go get a blood test, find out if we're related by blood, but Kevin's right. We're family, no matter what, I promise."

Ryan sat down on a low bench in the backroom. "You know what my mother said to me when she finally called me after the accident?" he asked, looking down at his hands. "It was a week later, I was still in the hospital, my legs were numb because of swelling, the doctors were talking about permanent nerve damage, and Dawn... she calls me and all she can say is 'how could you fucking wreck the truck I just fucking gave you'. I could have died, but it was the truck she cared about. My own mother... my own mother was more upset about a truck than about me. She never once put me first, hell, I don't think I ever actually made it onto her list of priorities. And my brother... Trey... I always had him, I always counted on him, I always trusted him, and he turned around and tried to do the worst thing... the one thing he knew I could never fully forgive him for..." He finally looked up at them. "And you wonder why I have a hard time believing what you're saying to me? My mother doesn't love me. My brother, the person who taught me to walk, and read, and ride a bike... he betrayed my trust. How can I believe to guys who I've known less than a year love me and will still love me even if I'm not their blood? No one else does."

"Because we're Walkers," Justin said. "We hold on and we don't let go. And the harder you try to get away, the harder we're gonna hold on, no matter what. Okay?"

Ryan nodded. "I need to know. If I'm... I need to know one way or another."

"We'll get tests done," Kevin agreed.

"Can you... not tell the others? About... any of this?"

"Ry... they know you took off..." Justin pointed out.

"Just.. can we say I had a fight with Dawn and I... I don't know. Just don't... not until we know, okay? Please?"

His brothers looked at each other, then reluctantly nodded. "Okay. Until we know, we won't say anything."


The End
KLlving_darkness on August 11th, 2016 06:14 pm (UTC)
Yay! i love this universe so much! anything you write in it I always enjoy so much. :)
Jessica SmithJessica Smith on August 11th, 2016 10:43 pm (UTC)
So great and quick response yay. I loved it so creative. They have to be brothers though. I totally believe Dawn was a big o hoe but I think William would have gotten a paternity test. I love ryan with the walkers. He adds a whole different dynamic to them and it is interesting to see them interact. Thank you so much
beachtreebeachtree on August 12th, 2016 01:38 am (UTC)
I'm not familiar with the universe, but your take on Dawn and Trey make plenty of sense, painfully, and the rest is very powerful to tie it all together.
Maramissmara on August 12th, 2016 02:07 am (UTC)
If you have an interest in reading the start of the universe, this one is tagged 'fics:goodenough', which will take you to the main fic. GE takes place in the early weeks/months of Ryan getting to know his newfound family (FIVE older siblings!), but it provides the background for this... except Justin/Summer... they only just barely met in the most recent chapter of GE and I don't think they even directly spoke to each other... lol
beachtreebeachtree on August 12th, 2016 02:09 am (UTC)
Something to look forward to.

garnigalgarnigal on August 12th, 2016 04:56 pm (UTC)
You are all about the heartbreak with these prompts. At least the one I'm writing has an optimistic picture to give me ideas!