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13 August 2016 @ 11:37 pm
Pick-A-Prompt Fic - Mistake - Prompt #53  
The latest response to my new Pick-A-Prompt Challenge! Go accept the challenge or issue a challenge to me! lol

Jessica issued another challenge to me, #53, set in the 'Beautiful World' universe (The OC/Gossip Girl, Ryan is Lilly and Rufus' long lost son, he and Chuck had a thing in Newport on summer).

The prompt features a car accident (a fictional one, gif is from the show 'The Originals'), and so does the story, but there isn't anything graphic (No blood, just people being thrown around a bit and broken car windows as the two vehicles hit)

 photo _ 053_zps94jtngym.gif
Prompt #53 - Mistake

"I just wanted a nice, peaceful vacation," Chuck commented.

"Well, maybe if you weren't a self centered jackass..." Ryan began.

"Says the martyr of New York," Chuck snapped in return.

"At least I don't actively try to make everyone hate me!"

"No, you just let them walk all over you as though you don't matter!"

"For most of my life I didn't!"

"Yes you did, the people around you were just too stupid and selfish to realize it!"

"The king of selfish is judging others now?" Ryan asked. "Please, oh wise one, tell me more about how everyone else is stupid, but you were so smart!"

"Maybe this whole thing with us was a mistake then!" Chuck snapped.

The outburst was followed by a thick silence, the two men refusing to look at each other. The weekend had started out perfectly, with both of them taking two weeks off work for a vacation to the Hamptons, and they had spent the first three days in bed. The only way to spend vacation if you asked Chuck. On the fourth day, Ryan had gotten a call from Jenny, who was having a small crisis in the form of the people she hired to build the stage for her fashion show taking off with the money and without doing the work. Ryan had apologized to Chuck, but insisted on going back to help Jenny get the stage built, reminding his boyfriend that Jenny was his sister, he couldn't leave her hanging. There's been grumbling, and Chuck had sullenly said Ryan could go back to the city, but he was staying, which led to Ryan rolling his eyes, calling him an overgrown toddler, and leaving.

In total, Ryan was gone less than a day, and came back to find several scantily clad men and women in their beach house, and Chuck laying drunk in their bed. Ryan had deliberately slammed the door to wake him, and they started fighting again. Ryan hadn't actually thought Chuck cheated on him, for multiple reasons including the fact that The Nana would have castrated Chuck and he loved his dick too much to risk it, but he was still angry that Chuck had seemingly tried to make it look that way. And Chuck was, as he often was, angry that Ryan had yet again gone running to rescue a damsel in distress, despite how much trouble that always seemed to get him into.

Then Chuck got a call about a problem at the Empire, and the argument had turned into Ryan not even wanting to finish the vacation and just to go home. Chuck had been so angry he had agreed and they had been in the car heading back within the hour. It was one of the rare times they drove themselves, or rather Ryan drove them, instead of taking a limo or at least a chauffeured town car, and they were on a somewhat remote stretch of road when they started arguing again and it quickly degraded to insults and snide comments before Chuck blurted out the stupidest thing he had ever said.

He loved that Ryan had such a good heart and always wanted to help the people he cared about. He loved that Ryan would go out of his way to help them. He loved that Ryan had started to stand up for himself and his own wants and needs more. He loved Ryan. Slowly, he turned to look at his boyfriend, seeing the tense and pained expression on Ryan's face and wincing. "I..." he began, only to be cut off as the car jolted to one side, the windows shattering as they were tossed around, and the world going black.


He woke to a steady beeping, and slowly opened his eyes to see the hideous ceiling of what could only be a hospital room. A moment later, a face swam into fuzzy view above him, and it took him far too long to realize it was a concerned Lilly, dark circles under her eyes. "Ryan?" Chuck croaked out, his only thought being whether the man he loved was okay.

"Cuts and bruises," Lilly said. "He's fine, worried sick about you, but physically he'll be fine, his back is okay, " she added, trying to reassure him. "Charles..."

"What happened?" Chuck asked.

"Drunk driver," came Ryan's voice, and Chuck whipped his head in that direction, then groaned in pain. "Yeah, don't do that," Ryan said gently.

The right side of Ryan's face was almost entirely a mottled purple and blue bruise, with a swath of gauze secured on his forehead, covering the right eyebrow as well. He was moving stiffly, and when he sat down his shirt shifted slightly to reveal a bruise across on shoulder, but he was alive and moving and Chuck felt like he could breath again.

"He didn't yield as he turned onto the highway, and... bam, right into us. Right into you," Ryan said. "I thought... I thought I was gonna lose you."

"I'll leave you alone for a bit," Lilly said as she got up. She went around the bed to give Ryan a gently kiss on the top of his head, and offer Chuck a smile, before leaving the room and closing the door behind her.

"You wouldn't wake up, you were just laying there, and bleeding, and..."

"I'm sorry..."

"You didn't make that idiot drive drunk," Ryan said.

"No, for what I said," Chuck corrected. "Being with you is not, and never could be, a mistake. I love you."

Ryan was quiet for a moment, then nodded. "I love you, too."

The End

So... yeah. I thought about pulling a fast one and making this about Ryan and Marissa's accident in this 'Verse and Ryan's recovery afterwards, but decided on this instead.
Jessica SmithJessica Smith on August 14th, 2016 01:13 pm (UTC)
Yay so great

Three for three (or a billion because I love all your stories)
Love chuck and Ryan. I love how they both have weaknesses but they try to make each other better. I also liked that chuck called Ryan out on trying to save everyone. I am glad you went with your initial response. Another accident was interesting and totally plausible. Thank you again.
For my next request

you write (please)
ryan and greys anatomy universe (because I love him being Sloan's son and I also think he is more mature then half of them when they are not working sometimes )