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19 August 2016 @ 07:20 pm
Pick-A-Prompt Fic - "Tale As Old As Time" - Prompt #106  
steve_ski requested Prompt #106, in my Ryan/Chuck universe... so here's some adorableness of them with their adoptive daughter!

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Pick-A-Prompt Fic - Tale As Old As Time - Prompt #106

Chuck paused in the doorway to Olivia's playroom, where he found her and Ryan dancing along with the Disney movie on the tv. "Well, she may be a beauty, but I'd hardly call you a beast," he teased his husband.

Ryan glanced over his shoulder and rolled his eyes. "Belle does not compare to our daughter," he countered, lifting Olivia's hand to kiss the back of it, then bowing deeply. "Princess," he said.

Olivia giggled at her daddy's antics. "Papa, did you like our dancing?" she asked Chuck.

"It was perfection," Chuck replied with a smile. He had never actually imagined himself a father, assuming he was too damaged from his own screwed up parenting to do a decent job of it, and the idea of having a daughter was terrifying. Once he and Ryan had found Olivia, once he had fallen madly in love with the little girl and heard her call him 'Papa' the first time, he had realized just how horrible he had been to the women in his life. The next time he and Ryan, and Olivia now, had dinner with the Van der Woodsens and Humphreys, he had pulled Jenny and Serena aside and apologized to them for his past behavior, admitting that he hadn't full realized how horrible it was until the thought of someone doing the same to Olivia had hit him. He had even acknowledged that he didn't deserve their forgiveness.

Both had admitted to having long since forgiven him after seeing that he had changed, that he wasn't the same level of sexist asshole he had been when they were younger, and seeing how he had supported Ryan through the back surgery and it's aftermath. Jenny said she would never call him a friend, and still wasn't thrilled he was her brother-in-law, but she didn't hate him anymore.

"Really, it should be Papa dancing with you," Ryan teased. "I mean, if anyone's the beast..."

Olivia giggle again. "No, Papa's more like Gaston. Good looking but kind of a jerk."

Ryan choked down a laugh as Chuck looked offended. "That's not very nice, Livvie," Ryan said, trying to hide his amusement.

"Sorry, Papa," Olivia said, looking over at him. "I was just teasing."

"It's alright, Princess," Chuck said, walking over and kneeling down. "But honestly, your Daddy's right. I am the Beast. I was horribly grumpy and mean, until I loved someone and was loved by them in return," he said, looking over at Ryan.

"Daddy was your Belle?" Olivia asked.

"Yes," Chuck said. "He does a very good Disney Princess impression."

"Auntie Blair's the Disney Princess," Olivia replied. "She told me she almost married a real prince once! Then she married Uncle Dan."

"Do you think she made the right choice?" Ryan asked, curious about her response.

"Of course! It's true love!"

The End

Olivia clearly has her Daddy and Papa wrapped around her little finger... lol

Jessica SmithJessica Smith on August 20th, 2016 03:38 am (UTC)

so cute they adopted a daughter, ugh I got the feels. Too cute. Ryan would be a great dad, but I also feel that chuck would be a great parent as well. I enjoyed your inclusion of chuck growing up and seeing that now that he has a daughter he was a jerk to women sometimes. Another great one shot keep up the great work because I am feeling spoiled.
Too flip it up
can you write it (whenever you get a chance)
oc southland universe (where they are brothers because I liked that story)

Edited at 2016-08-20 03:40 am (UTC)
steve_skisteve_ski on August 20th, 2016 05:08 am (UTC)
Super cute....Thanks