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27 August 2016 @ 10:13 pm
Pick-A-Prompt Fic - "My Son" - Prompt #1  
This one's for steve_ski who requested I use Prompt #1 for 'something new'. Well, technically not brand new, since this takes place in the same universe as #27 - Minister's Wife, though prior to that one. In MW, Robbie mentions Ryan helping him deal with his mother, and this explains that comment. Robbie's mother is not a good mother. It also reveals the actor I picture nowadays when I picture teenage Robbie for one of my fics. Not the actor from the final scene of The OC, even though the character is intended to be the boy from the finale. But I adore the actor I picture as him...

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Pick-A-Prompt Fic - My Son - Prompt #1

Ryan wanted to go straight into the kitchen and kick Joanne out of the house, get her as far away from Robbie as humanly possible and never let her get any closer than that ever again, but he restrained himself. He and Robbie had talked about it earlier, and Ryan knew that Robbie wanted to talk to his mother alone, that he didn't want Ryan stepping in unless he really needed to, and they'd come up with a basic guideline. Robbie understood that Ryan and his social worker would be in the living room the whole time, but Ryan had promised they would not to interfere unless Robbie asked them to come back in. The only exception would be if they thought Robbie was in physical danger of any sort. Ryan had been firm on that, and if he thought that Joanne was even thinking of raising a hand to his foster son, he would go back in and make sure she didn't touch the teenager.

"He'll call us in if he needs us," Sarah said from her seat on the edge of the couch, though despite her words she looked like she was ready to jump up and go back in.

"It'll be different this time!" Joanne suddenly yelled. "I promise!"

"Your word doesn't hold a lot of water with me!" Robbie snapped, his voice raising for the first time in the months that Ryan had known him.

Ryan was already halfway across the room, and Sarah was getting to her feet, when they heard the distinct crack of flesh on flesh, followed by a loud clatter and Robbie's muffled voice telling her to stop. When Ryan burst into the kitchen, Robbie was backed into a corner as Joanne hit him repeatedly, raining blows over the arms that he was using to protect his head. Ryan did not hesitated to bodily grab Joanne and yank her back, then shove her away and position himself so he wasn't trapping Robbie in the corner, but was still between him and Joanne. He blocked out the woman's voice as Robbie didn't respond except to let out a whimper.

"Are you hurt?" Ryan asked gently.

Robbie shook his head, not lowering his arms from their protective position. "No..." he whispered.

Ryan hesitated, not sure what to do, then decided to take a chance and stepped closer, slowly reaching up to grasp Robbie's forearms and gently pull them away from his head. "Look at me for a second, okay?" he asked.

Robbie looked up, and Ryan flinched at the bruise already forming on one side of the boy's face. "I'm sorry..." Robbie said.

"For what?" Ryan asked, bewildered.

"The pictures," Robbie replied, looking down.

Ryan followed his gaze and saw that several framed family pictures had fallen off the wall, and broken glass littered the floor. "I don't care about the pictures, I can get new frames, or even new prints if I need to, but there's only one of you, kid," he said. "Are you okay?"

It was Robbie's turn to hesitate, then he shook his head. "No," he whispered, then slowly moved forward until he could rest his forehead on Ryan's shoulder.

Ryan wrapped his arms around his foster son, comforting him as he shook slightly. "It's gonna be okay, I promise, it's gonna be okay."

"He's my son, I can do whatever I..." Joanna yelled from the far side of the room, and Ryan's head snapped up as Robbie tensed. He let go of his foster son and turned, the expression on his face apparently enough to startle Sarah, who froze with her phone half raised to her ear.

"Get out of my house," Ryan told Joanne, his voice so low it was almost a growl. "He is not yours, you lost the right to call him yours when you threw him away, again and again, for the sake of your piece of shit husband. So get the fuck out of my house, and away from my son, because he is mine now, and unlike you? I will never put someone before my kid."

"Can you tell me the nature of your emergency?"

Ryan was startled by the tinny voice coming from Sarah's phone and looked over to see her lifting it to her ear.

"I need officers at 671 Prescott Court," Sarah said. "My name is Sarah Overman, I'm a social worker and was supervising a visitation between a child in my care an his mother when the mother turned violent. I need officers here immediately to guarantee the safety of my client and his foster father."


It was hours before everything settled down, and by the end of the night he had Sarah's promise that she was going to try and get Joanne's parental rights terminated once and for all, as well as make Robbie's placement with Ryan permanent rather than the extended 'emergency' placement it had started out as. Ryan closed the door, then leaned against it for a moment, trying to take deep and even breaths.


He turned to see Robbie standing at the foot of the stairs in one of the oversized sweatshirts the kid had preferred when Ryan first met him, seemingly trying to hide himself in it's bulk and too long sleeves, which Ryan had thought were pretty much a thing of the past as the kid had settled in. "She's not getting near you ever again," Ryan said firmly. "I won't let her."

"But... she's my mother, she has rights..."

"Not for long," Ryan said. "Sarah's working on getting those right terminated."

"What happens to me then?" Robbie asked.

"What do you mean?" Ryan replied.

"If I don't have a mother, I've... I've got no one. She's all I've..."

"You've got me," Ryan said. "Robbie, look at me." He waited until the teen was looking up before continuing. "You've got me. That's the other thing Sarah's going to work on. Making this, you being here, permanent."

"Like... adoption?"

"Yeah, if that's okay with you," Ryan said. "If not, then just as a permanent placement, I'd be your foster dad and legal guardian until you hit 18, and then I'd be whatever you want me to be to you. Friend, parent, surrogate brother, whatever. But no matter what happens now, no matter where we go from here, I'm gonna be there for you, kid."

"You called me your son," Robbie said. "In the kitchen, when she was calling me hers..."

"Yeah, well..."

"You wanna be my dad?"

Ryan nodded. "Yeah, kid, I do."

"I wanna be your son," Robbie replied. "I don't wanna go anywhere else."

"Okay," Ryan said.

"You're gonna adopt me?"


"Okay," Robbie said, tears falling as he moved forward to hug Ryan, leaning into the older man's chest. "Thanks."

Ryan wrapped his arms around Robbie, around his son, and held him tight. "Anytime."

The End

The actor I picture as Robbie is Alex Saxon from 'The Fosters', 'Finding Carter', and the horror movie 'Compound Fracture' (In which he has dark hair and wears eyeliner and is still adorable as hell... lol)... he also played the younger version of Ben McKenzie in the tv show with Mandy Moore that didn't get picked up... I think it was called 'The Advocates' or something.

I think one of my favorite parts (outside of Robbie directly seeking comfort and reassurance from Ryan) was when Ryan verbally goes for Joanne's jugular with his 'my kid' speech. The descriptor of Sarah frozen with her phone halfway to her ear, Ryan's low and angry voice, his surprise when he hears the 911 operator... Sarah has only ever seen Ryan the nice guy, Ryan the guy who renovated a warehouse into a youth center and volunteers there regularly because he doesn't want any kid to grow up thinking no one cares and no one will help, The guy who took in a traumatized and difficult to handle teenager, and has helped the kid flourish. She has never seen angry Ryan. She knows that this is righteous anger, that it's anger that comes directly from his love for his son, but it's still a surprise to her. She didn't think he had it in him.

As an aside... I haven't decided exactly how far in the future this is set, but I kinda picture Sophie Rosie and Robbie being almost the same age (Robbie may be a year or two older), and they become best friends... like what Ryan and Seth should have been, if the friendship was more balanced (meaning, they take care of and watch out for each other, not one of them practically babysitting the other and doing whatever they want)...

steve_skisteve_ski on August 28th, 2016 05:29 am (UTC)
Yeh I can defiantly see this version of Ryan. VEry nice, thanks so much. GLad to see you back and hope to see more. :)
Jessica SmithJessica Smith on August 29th, 2016 11:38 am (UTC)
new story
when you get the chance can you write the following
oc grey anatomy (the sloan ryan dads universe. The previous story was so god I would like to see more in that universe).

Jessica SmithJessica Smith on September 30th, 2016 12:27 am (UTC)
Pick a prompt

Just wanted to see if you were still planning to do more pick a prompt stories? If you do and just been busy great! If you are finished for now still great. I love your stories and just wanted to take a moment to say I love reading them and they are great because I can go away for a little bit and then reread them and they are excellent.So thanks lol!