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06 December 2016 @ 01:28 am
24 Gifts Of 2016 - Day Five - Found Out (Ryan Sloan Verse)  
This is the universe where a 12 year-old Ryan has leukemia and it's discovered that he is the biological son of Dr. Mark Sloan from Grey's Anatomy. This is specifically the story of how everyone finds out.

Found Out

"That's bigger than it looked in the scan," Alex said as they found the tumor in Ryan's hip.

Arizona nodded. "And a lot more connected to his bone and tissue," she added before continuing carefully. "Alex... go update the father, tell him that removing the tumor will mostly likely damage the hip joint and require another surgery to put in an artificial joint. If he okays it, get Callie to scrub in. I want her to help us preserve as much of the bone as possible."

Alex nodded and quickly left the OR, stripping off his gloves and gown and heading out to the waiting room, then into Mark's recover room.

"How is he?" Mark asked, moving stiffly from his own procedure, Derek and Callie on either said to help him sit up.

"The osteosarcoma's spread further than we thought," Alex said. He quickly outlined what they had found, and what Arizona had outlined. "It's your call, Sloan."

"Do it, save him," Mark said. "I just found him, I can't lose him."

"I'll scrub in," Callie said before Alex could ask.

"Arizona said she wanted you to, so we can try to save as much bone and muscle as possible," Alex agreed.

"Keep me updated," Mark added as they rushed out. "I can't lose him," he repeated to Derek.

"You won't," Derek promised.


It was something of a miracle that they kept it under wraps as long as they did, but when Ryan coded on the table, Alex blew the secret out of desperation, not caring that Meredith and Lexie were right there, or that Christina was up in the gallery. As everyone worked to get Ryan's heart started again, Alex blurted it out.

"Come on, kid, you can't do this. Sloan just found you, he can't lose you. He's freaking out right now at the idea of it, if it actually happens..."

"Sloan?" Lexie asked, stunned. "As in... Mark?"

"I..." Alex began, realizing what he had done. He glanced over at Arizona and Callie, the latter of whom answered.

"Yes, he's Mark's son. Mark didn't know about him until a couple weeks ago, but he's already attached, he loves his son, and right now we need to save this twelve year old boy before his father loses him without even really getting to know him."

"I am not missing a chance to see Mark Sloan try to be a father," Christina's voice chimed in from the gallery. "Open his chest, internal defib. Now!" she ordered, as though they would never think of that without her help.


"I'll give him the update," Alex said as he and Callie pulled off their gowns. "I'm the one who screwed up and opened my big mouth, I should fess up."

"He knew it wasn't going to stay a secret forever," Callie reassured him. "And now they know how sick Ryan is, so maybe they'll give him a little space," she added hopefully.

"I wish I had your optimism," Alex said as he headed towards Mark's room. Unfortunately for him, Lexie and Meredith were already there, and Christina ran up with a small bag of nuts from a vending machine. "Really?" Alex asked.

"Closest I could get to popcorn," Christina replied with a shrug.

Alex rolled his eyes and walked in, the others crowding in behind him. "Ryan's fine," he said first. "He'll definitely need an artificial hip joint, but he'll need to wait a few weeks before getting it, recover from this surgery." He paused. "And obviously, they know he's your son. That's my fault. Ryan coded on the table, and I... I slipped and mentioned your name. I'm sorry, I know you wanted to keep it quiet for the kid's sake."

"They would have figured it out when I mysteriously took some more emergency leave to take care of the kid at home," Mark said. "It's okay, Karev."

"You didn't tell me?" Meredith said to Derek.

"This place is a cesspool of gossip," Derek said. "Mark wanted to keep things calm around Ryan as long as possible. Give the kid some time to settle in."

"He's had a tough life so far," Mark interrupted. "His mother is... she's a train wreck. She abandoned him when he got sick with the first of four bouts of Leukemia. He found a foster family that he thought loved him, that was going to adopt him, and then he got sick this last time and they abandoned him. The hospital he was in before I brought him here? He spent weeks telling them about the pain in his hip and they never looked into it, they just gave him pain meds. I wanted him to have a little time to accept that this is the real thing, I am not tossing him aside, I am not giving him away." he said the last while looking at Lexie, hoping she'd understand and it wouldn't destory whatever it was they had been dancing around. "I can't be another person who leaves him. I barely know him, but... I love the kid already."

The End
garnigalgarnigal on December 6th, 2016 05:27 pm (UTC)
Sorry I haven't been commenting, but I have been reading. I love all these little vignettes into your old stories. Hope we get a bit of the Brothers and Sisters world!
crossover_fan: pic#115800179crossover_fan on December 7th, 2016 11:24 am (UTC)
Even though its sad, its sweet to see how much Mark loves him already.