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07 December 2016 @ 10:44 pm
24 Gifts Of 2016 - Day Seven - Adorably Prepared (Robbie!Verse, Robbie and Sophie Rose Friendship)  
Robbie Verse! That's the one where Ryan has a gfoster/adoptive son, Robbie, who has a screwed zup violent mother, and Dawn turned up claiming to be a changed woman and engaged to a preacher... Unlike the other stories so far in this 'verse, this one is pretty light hearted, just Robbie and Sophie Rose being awesome best friends, teasing each other. Just to establish it: Robbie is about year older than Sophie Rose (he's almost sixteen, she just barely turned fifteen), but she's a year ahead in school because she's just that smart... and he's smart, too, but missed a lot of school thansk to his mother, so he's lucky to be in the correct grade for his age.

Adorably Prepared

"What are you laughing about?" Sophie Rose asked as she turned around, hands on her hips and an expression on her face that reminded Robbie of Ryan's irritated expression whenever Seth was being an idiot.

"You're like the most adorably prepared person I've ever met," Robbie replied, lifting up a packing list for the school trip that had pros and cons for every single possible item. "I really don't think you'll need bear spray for the beach," he added. "Or a parka."

"It gets cold out there," Sophie Rose protested.

"Not in July," Robbie countered, laughing. "Seriously... wool socks?"

"I don't like when my feet get cold!"

"And imagine how miserable you'll be when your nice warm wool socks get sopping wet."

"Oh.... right."

"Lets add 'wet wool' to the con side..." Robbie teased.

"And what are you taking?"

"Extra socks and an extra pair of sneakers to change into once we're done for the day so I don't spend all night in wet shoes and socks," Robbie said, shrugging. "Ryan offered to get me all this fancy gear, but... why bother? It's like a three day trip to clean up beaches in storm ravaged Washington State," he said, perfectly mimicing the headmaster's tone as he'd asked for volunteers for the trip.

"You should let him get you something," Sophie Rose said.

"But I don't..."

"Robbie, listen to me, I know my brother probably better than anyone. Definitely better than Seth no matter what he claims. Ryan loves you. You're his son now, and he wants you to have everything you didn't when you were younger. Mom and Dad bought him all this stupid stuff he didn't need when they took him in, and that stuff means a lot to him now because it was physical, tangible proof that they cared. Let him buy you a bag to pack your stuff in. Or a new jacket, or new shoes, sunglasses, something. Let him spoil you a little bit."

"How you get so smart, pipsqueak?" Robbie teased.

"I take after my less related brother," Sophie Rose replied. "The point is, he loves you, let him be your dad, let him buy you stuff you don't really need but could use."

"I'm kinda holding out for the good stuff," Robbie admitted. "He gave me his old laptop when he upgraded right after I first moved in, and I'm kinda hoping for a new one since it's kinda... outdated."

"Yeah, you don't have to hope," Sophie Rose said. "He asked me to help him pick one that a teenager would want, just to make sure his instincts weren't too 'old man'."


"Yeah. I won't tell you all the extras, but... you'll be able to do some gaming."

"As long as it can handle Star Trek Online, I'm good," Robbie said.

"You are such a nerd."

"And how many characters do you have?"

"Just a Joined Trill... and a Caitian... and a Romulan... and a klingon... and a 23rd Century Human... and a couple others."

"Uh-huh. Who's the nerd?"

"Both of us."

Robbie shrugged. "Nerds rule the world."

"Damn straight."

"Do my ears decieve me? Did Princess Sophie Rose just swear?" Robbie asked, pretending to be scandalized, then laughing as she threw a balled up sweater at him.

"I am not a Princess!"

"Whatever you say... Princess."

"I hate you."

"Love you, too."

Sophie Rose flopped down on her bed next to him and took back her list. "So... no wool socks."

"No wool socks," Robbie agreed. "But I like the paperback or two idea. I may steal that."

"We each bring two, so if we finish ours we can borrow the other one's books?'

"Sounds like a plan."

The End

To be clear, Robbie and Sophie Rose are just best friends (and, you know, Aunt/Nephew... lol), there are exactly zero chances of me making them a couple in these stories. But Soph is a lot like Ryan, she has a good heart and she decided that since Robbie was important to Ryan, she wanted to him to feel like family and she reached out as a friend. They are both giant nerds about science and science fiction, and damn proud of it.

The cleaning up the beaches thing is totally Summer's influence on them. She's still trying to save the world, and she's always encouraged Sophie Rose to be eco-friendly, and Robbie likes the idea of it, and he thinks Summer is pretty cool, so he's on board with it.

Oh... and Sophie Rose's list of Star Trek online characters? Yeah... that's my list. I got all of those... And two Neverwinter Online characters... lol
crossover_fan: pic#115800179crossover_fan on December 8th, 2016 09:46 am (UTC)
I've always liked how you write Sophie Rose and Ryan's close relationship.