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08 December 2016 @ 10:39 pm
24 Gifts Of 2016 - Day Eight - Undying (Multifandom Zombie Apocafic)  
So... this one is vaguely inspired by a combination of the show Z-Nation (Ryan is 10K... lol) and the book World War Z (in a very generalized way... there's no interviews, but some details are drawn from it, such as 'african rabies' and the infected on planes from China). It's dark and dreary but has all my favorites in it... oh, but a warning: The Cohens are all dead... or undead as the case may be...

Title is meant as a play on words. The Zombies are the Undead, but also the survivors refuse to just give up and die. Even Ryan, who has literally lost everything, refuses to die, he fights with everything he has to live.


He had set up camp on the roof of a school, and was just sitting down to a meal of an MRE he'd taken from the supplies in the gym, meant for the refugees that had come there. They had all died, though, thanks to one idiot who'd hidden a bite and snuck in. It had taken less than an hour before everyone was infected, everyone but him, hiding on the roof while people screamed and begged and died inside, his back pressed to the door to hold it closed. It was only when it went quiet inside, and noises began outside, that he ventured away from the door and looked over the edge of the roof to see the Zees slowly shuffling away from the building, as if satisfied that there was no food left for them there.

Downstairs had been a mess, blood and body parts everywhere, but there were crates of untouched food, and there were all sorts of weapons. So, he'd taken as much as he could to the roof, taking apart one of the bigger crates to use as a makeshift shelter, and he'd made it a home, safe as possible in this new world.

Weeks went by where the only movement came from birds or infected, but then one afternoon he heard an engine and crept to the edge of the roof to watch a large SUV pull up to the doors and people climb out. It was an odd looking bunch, only half of them looking like they were actually capable of surviving.

There was a guy in fatigues, a gun clipped to his flak jacket, who actually seemed to have a clue what he was doing. So did the guy in a worn leather jacket who had a big gun in his hands and a machete hanging from his belt, eyes constantly scanning. Next was a woman wearing little in the way of protection, just jeans and a tank top, but still managing to look the most badass of them all.

Then came a man whining about being hungry, and the guy in fatigues rolled his eyes and told him to shut up for five minutes. A girl in jeans and a way too big jacket was the last out, a metal baseball bat hanging from one hand while the other arm wrapped around her middle, and he didn't think either Whiny or Girl were likely to last long unless they stuck close to Fatigues, Leather, and Badass.

But as he watched, a Zee moved in on Leather, and a second later it was too late. Fatigues and Badass were trying to get a clear shot, but there was too much movement. From his high angle, it was easy to line up the shot, and he hesitated only a moment, realizing he'd be revealing himself, before he pulled the trigger, blowing a chunk the size of a baseball out of the Zees skull. For a moment there was silence, then Leather dropped the Zee and looked up towards the roof.

He ducked out of sight, but knew he'd been spotted based on the murmur that ran through the group, and he startled when Leather called out.

"Thanks for the save!"


Once they were inside the old school gym, sorting through supplies, he crawled through one of the upper windows and sat on the top of the bleachers, watching them silently as he ate his MRE. They didn't notice him at first, and he began to wonder how they'd managed to survive this long without getting killed. No sooner did the thought enter his head than Fatigues spoke up, this time letting his voice carry all the way up the bleachers.

"You could come down and join us for dinner instead of hiding up there."

None of the others seemed surprised by the statement, so he began to rethink his take on them. They were smart, they all decided not to let on that they knew he was there, to wait to see what he did. The Zee outside must have just gotten lucky, it happens sometimes.

He still wasn't going to go down and make nice. He didn't trust people before things went to hell, he sure as hell wasn't going to start now, when everyone was in it for themselves.

"There's more than enough here for all of us, and since you haven't shot at us yet, I'm hoping you don't mind sharing," Badass said, checking out a black fatigue jacket before slipping it on and testing the fit. "We've got some non MRE food we'll trade you for the nicer stuff here."

"There's five us and one of..." Whiny began.

"No sense making enemies, McKay," Fatigues said.

"Sheppard's right, besides, you shoot the guy who saved my ass and I shoot you," Leather added.

"Dean, let's not kill the guy who keeps our radio working," Badass commented.

He quickly filed the information away. Whiny is McKay. Fatigues is Sheppard. Leather is Dean. All he needed were Badass and Girl's names. As if reading his mind, Badass spoke up again.

"I'm Faith and she's Brooke," she said. "I promise, we only bite on request."

"Can you go five minutes without being suggestive?" McKay asked.

"No, not really," Faith replied with a grin.

"He could be sixty with a gut and you're suggesting me, a barely eighteen year-old girl, would bite," Brooke replied. "You see how many levels of wrong that is, right?"

He couldn't help smiling slightly. If they could all bicker that good naturedly, they were probably good people.


It wasn't until night fall, when the smell of food cooking caught his attention, that he decided to creep down the bleachers until he was sitting just a few rows back. Sheppard was the one who brought his own food over, along with an extra plate of it, and sat about six feet away before sliding the plate as far over as he could, with enough of a push that it went another foot or so further.

"Thanks for taking that shot. Dean's a survivor, we need to keep those types around."

He shrugged, staring at the food.

"We're all survivors in our own way. McKay keeps our electronics, like our radio, working. It's how we know we're actually going in the right direction for our rendezvous," Sheppard continued around a mouthful of food. "And Brooke... she's learning how to fight, but we count on her to help us stay clothed. She patches up our clothes when they get torn, and hell, she's good enough at stitching she's stitched us up when we got hurt. We gotta clean out own clothes, but... it's fair."

He inched closer, until he could pick up the plate and sniff at the food for a moment, trying to tell if it was safe.

"My point is, making a shot like that? You've got skills we could use. And no one should have to spend the apocalypse alone."

He looked up from the food to see Sheppard was pointedly looking away. "I..." he began, his voice scratchy from disuse. "I'm Ryan."

"Nice to meet you," Sheppard said, looking up with a smile. "Where you here when...?"

Ryan nodded. "They closed the gate, too many people already, had to evac first batch before bringing in more. There was a guy who wanted in, he.. he drove his truck through the gate. Killed five people, and they..."

"Came back."

"Yeah. Five became ten, became twenty, become hundreds. I hid on the roof, and after a while... they left. Wandered out. If they wandered back, I took care of it."

"How long ago?"

"It was... it was March seventeenth, 2004."

"Three years," Sheppard said. "You've been alone for three years?"

Ryan nodded. "I guess."

"You don't have to be. You can come with us."

"Don't know you."

Sheppard nodded. "Fair enough," he agreed. "I was in the Air Force, flew helicopters, fighters, just about anything I could get my hands on. McKay's a scientist, had a contract with the place I was assigned. We met Dean when he was pinned down by surge of about fifty a month later. Faith showed up with Brooke few weeks after that, they'd been strangers before things went to hell, but teamed up to stay alive." He took another bite. "McKay and I, we were stationed out of Colorado Mountain, just outside Colorado Springs, but we'd been visiting his family in Canada for Canadian Thanksgiving. I'm nto close to my family and had leave, he figured I'd probably work through it if I stayed, so... he made me go with. We're heading back there now. Should be able to get everyone with us somewhere safe from infection."

"Nowhere's safe," Ryan said. "It's global. How did you miss the whole 'African Rabies' bullshit? And the reports of planes going down because of infected coming out of China getting on board? Before the radio I grabbed went dead, I was hearing stories about swarms walking onto the beaches in fucking Australia. Nowhere's safe. Except... Antarctica, I doubt they can climb the ice shelf, and even if they could, the water would freeze and they'd be stuck until teams could kill 'em... is that the safe place?"

Sheppard stared at him for a moment. "It's a possibility. But Colorado Mountain should be safe. It's an entire base, under a mountain. Big ass blast doors. Elevators and staircases have coded locks. It has it's own power generation, not related to the regular power grid. It's where Norad is. It's safe."

"It was suppose to be safe here," Ryan said. "It was was suppose to be safe in the three evac centers we were at before here. I lost someone at every single one. Sandy died in the first one when they let a slow burn in, no one knew, so I watched him get sick and die and come back. Seth died in a crush of people at the second. Kirsten died at the one right before here, she was shoved off the roof because no one needs a 'skinny bitch' in the apocalypse and she was just going to take up room on the evac helicopter. Nowhere is safe."

"I'm sorry," Sheppard said. "But wouldn't you rather go down trying to find somewhere safe? Wouldn't they rather you try for safe with people than just hide and die all alone?"

"People aren't safe," Ryan snapped before tossing the empty plate on the bleacher seat and heading back up towards the window.

"We are!" Sheppard protested.

"That's what the last guy in fatigues told me," Ryan replied. "He wasn't. None of them were."

The End...?

In case I don't continue it at some point... Ryan does go with them and he does survive. I may leave him close to death, but I will never kill Ryan in an Apocafic, because the world needs awesome people like him.
crossover_fan: pic#115800179crossover_fan on December 10th, 2016 02:22 am (UTC)
I hope you continue this, because you write the best apocalypse fics.
Maramissmara on December 10th, 2016 04:52 am (UTC)
Aww! Thanks! I am such a huge Apocalypse fan... actually asked for some apocalypse/zombie books for Christmas (my mom always asks me to send her a suggestion list so she has a clue what I want for at least one or two presents...) and have been rereading World War Z again... god I love that book... so I'm feeling kinda apocalyptic right now... lol... meaning there will most likely be more of this one very soon.