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09 December 2016 @ 09:47 pm
24 Gifts Of 2016 - Day Nine - Beginnings 1 (Ryan Bullit!Verse)  
At one point I posted a little prologue to my Ryan Bullit!Verse, but some parts of it kinda niggled at me, so I decided to do a slight rewrite. It's mostly the same, and it all works out to the same result of Ryan going to Texas, but I think it flows better and has less plot holes. There's also more coming as a later gift that has Ryan interacting with the Bullit Boys.


February 2004 - Newport Beach, California

The room froze for a moment after the gunshot rang out, then Ryan lifted a hand to his shoulder as the hotel security rushed forward to grab Oliver and wrestle the gun from his hands. When his fingers came back bloody, Ryan turned to Sandy, only to see the man comforting Marissa, not even noticing the fact that Ryan's shirt was rapidly becoming soaked in blood from the bullet hole in his shoulder. "San... Sandy?" Ryan managed to choke out, but the man didn't respond, just kept comforting the hysterical girl.

It wasn't until the hotel doctor came in, called to sedate Marissa, and instead assumed Ryan was his patient, that anyone noticed. Even then, Sandy started to call the man over only to be rebuffed with a sharp "I think bleeding wounds take priority over hysterics," from the doctor.

"Oh God," Sandy said, even then not leaving Marissa, who had begun to wail louder at the doctor's words.

The pain was intense enough, that once he knew someone had noticed before he bled death, he let it override everything else, drifting mentally enough that he didn't notice the doctor calling for an ambulance, or even the most of the ride to the hospital. They gave him something for the pain, made sure the bullet had gone all the way through, then stitched him up and said he could go home in the morning.

All Ryan could think was that now he knew with certainty, Newport wasn't home and never would be.


When he went back to the Cohens, he was given an hour or so to actually rest before Sandy told him to come into the house. It didn't take long before the man was in full on lecture mode, and Ryan felt the anger rising as he was told over and over again that if he had used his words instead of his fists it all could have been avoided. Finally, fed up, Ryan snapped. "How about if you had used your ears and listened when I tried to tell you?!" he snapped. "I tried, Sandy. You didn't want to believe me, you assumed I was just jealous because of Marissa. Yeah, I screwed up by beating him up in the lounge, but he was talking about how he was going to destroy my entire life, and I panicked. That does not make it my fault that you didn't listen, or that you let me go into a room that you knew had a gun in it! I'm fifteen, I'm suppose to screw up and make stupid mistakes. You're an adult, you're suppose to know better!"

"Don't use that tone," Sandy replied.

"That's what you're gonna focus on? Out of everything I just said, it's my tone you're gonna notice? Maybe you're right, Sandy, maybe it was a mistake bringing me here," Ryan said, getting up and heading back to the pool house, even as Sandy told him to sit back down. He locked the door and sat down on the futon, taking several deep breaths to try and steady himself as his mind ran over the possibilities. After a moment, he knew what his best option was and went to grab his backpack and check the hidden pocket in the bottom, the one he had always hidden his limited cash in. He was pretty sure there was enough in there, just barely, to cover a bus ticket, so he started packing.


February 2004 - Dallas, Texas

A little over a day later, Ryan sat on a bench outside the bus station, staring at his hands and considering what his options would be if his godfather didn't show up. He wished he'd been able to talk to the man himself, instead of leaving a message with his secretary, and with no way for his godfather to call him back, it was just a waiting game, see if he ever showed up. Just as Ryan was ready to give up and start figuring out his next move, a limo pulled up and Gordon Bullit stepped out with a look on his face that was a mix of happiness and worry. "Don't know who you're here, but it's damn good to see you kid," he said.

Ryan smiled and got up, accepting the welcoming hug, even though it put pressure on his injured shoulder. He hadn't seen the man since he was a kid, since before his father went to jail, but it was impossible not to feel safe with him. "I didn't have anywhere else left to go," Ryan admitted. "It's... everything's a mess."

"Come on, let's get back to the ranch, and it'll all look brighter in the morning," Bullit said, keeping an arm around Ryan's shoulders as they went back to the limo. "Your room's waiting for you, always has been."

Ryan nodded, all of his energy disappearing as he slid into the limo. "Yeah, sleep sounds good."

The End

crossover_fan: pic#115800179crossover_fan on December 10th, 2016 10:29 am (UTC)
With a start like that, I'm wondering if anyone in Newport will even look for Ryan when they realize he's missing.