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10 December 2016 @ 06:56 pm
24 Gifts Of 2016 - Day Ten - Ex-Con With A Bat (The OC/Shameless, Ryan/Fiona)  
No real intro... just some lovely Ryan Atwood/Fiona Gallagher... and Ryan being a badass to help protect the Gallagher kids from their father.

Ex-con With A Bat

Ryan jolted awake to a sharp pop from outside.

"It's 'kay... just Carl and his cherry bombs..." Fiona murmured from under the blankets.

Ryan relaxed then sat up again. "Your cool with your brother tossing cherry bombs around?"

"Yeah, he knows not to light them in the house," Fiona said, rolling over and looking up. "Why?"

"Nothing, I just remember the trouble my brother used to get into with them."

"Your brother the comic geek?"

"Nah, I mean my biological brother, Trey. He used to ride his bike down the alley behind the houses of people who pissed him off and toss cherry bombs and firecrackers into their yards... got us shot at a couple times with that shit..."

"I keep forgetting my boy has a past," Fiona teased, stretching up to kiss him. Just as their lips touched, the door was thrown open, revealing Ian.

"Frank's downstairs, he says he's moving back in."

"Fuck that!" Fiona replied. "Stall him," she added as she reached for her clothes.

"What do I do here?" Ryan asked. "I can come down as back up, or stay out of it, whatever you want."

"This is my fucking house!" came a drunken bellow and Fiona almost growled.

"Backup," she said.

Ryan nodded and got up, yanking on his jeans and reaching for a shirt before Fiona stopped him. "What?"

"If you gotta jump in, play up the crazy ex-con shit like you did the night we met," she said with a grin. "It'll scare the shit outta him."

Ryan returned the grin. "You got it."

"There's a bat hanging at the bottom of the stairs, grab it, too," she said before grabbing his hand and pulling him out of the room.

Downstairs, Lip and Ian were trying to get Frank and his stuff out, but he kept managing to slip past them.

"No, Frank, you're not moving in," Fiona said firmly. "We're not doing this shit anymore. You are not welcome here."

"It's my fucking house!" Frank yelled again, tossing a suitcase on the floor, not evening noticing as it almost hit Liam.

Ryan took that as his cue and walked forward, hitting the edge of the doorframe with the bat to get Frank's attention, then grabbing the suitcase and using it to push Frank backwards. "She said no. She said get your shit out. She said you're not welcome here. What part of that are you not getting?"

"Who the fuck are you?" Frank asked, trying to slip to the side only for Ryan to drop the suitcase and lift the bat, letting Frank's own momentum carrying him forward until the bat lightly hit him in the throat.

"I'm the ex-con with the baseball bat," Ryan replied, channeling every gangbanger he'd ever known in Chino, including Trey, and trying to put a little of his father's threatening tone into his voice. "I'm the guy who's served time before and isn't really that scared of going back since shit, I got a damn good lawyer. Most importantly, I was invited into this house. I'm welcome here. You? Aren't. So get the fuck out unless you wanna see what I can do with this bat."

Frank hesitated, then stumbled backwards, Ryan following all the way to the door, and then down the stairs and across the small front yard to the street. He pointedly closed the gate, then turned away and went back inside, where the Gallaghers were all staring in shock, except for a grinning Fiona. "I hate fucking drunks," Ryan said.

"That was kinda hot," Fiona said, walking over.

"No kinda about it," Ian muttered.

"I figured maybe Frank would actually stay away more than a day if the angry, shirtless, tattooed, guy with a bat told him to," Fiona explained. "We'll see."

"Man that was... awesome," Lip said. "You didn't even actually hurt him, just vaguely threatened, and it was... fucking terrifying."

"I..." Ryan said, and suddenly all that bravado disappearing. "I wouldn't have actually hurt him unless he was gonna hurt one of you guys, you know that right? Shit, I was gonna stay out of it until he almost hit Liam with that fucking suitcase."

"We know that," Fiona said, wrapping her arms around his waist. "You're a teddy bear unless somebody's dangerous. Then you're a grizzly."

"Thanks... I think," Ryan said.

"Seriously, that was great," Lip said. And I didn't mean I was scared of you, but Frank was. And if you were that pissed at me? Shit, I might piss myself."

"Don't become an alcoholic asshat and it'll never happen," Ryan replied.


The End
crossover_fan: pic#115800179crossover_fan on December 11th, 2016 09:12 am (UTC)
It's always good to read protective Ryan, especially when he get a little threatening like this.