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12 December 2016 @ 06:06 pm
24 Gifts Of 2016 - Day Twelve - Evolution 3 (Ryan & Summer)  
Originally, there was suppose to be another part of this one a day or two ago, but after the last part, someone asked about the Cohens reaction and I realized that I had kinda glossed over it, just mentioning vaguely what their reaction was. So, I rearranged the gifts so I could get this written.

Evolution 3

"I want to do it by myself," Ryan said firmly as Summer drove him to the Cohens after their talk with Neil.

"Well I don't!" Summer said just as firmly. "They're going to be upset, and..."

"And I don't want you to hear anything they might say and then regret," Ryan interrupted. "Let me talk to them alone first. If they don't complete flip out, i'll call and you can come join us."

Summer pouted slightly, but nodded as she pulled into the Cohen driveway. "Okay. But..."

"I'll call," Ryan said as he got out. Walking up to the door, he spotted Seth's sports car, the one he couldn't afford the payments on and that Kirsten was paying for instead, and sighed. This was not going to go well, he knew, but he couldn't let them find out any other way, and maybe by being upfront with their story, he could salvage his relationships with Sandy and Kirsten, though he doubted it. Ryan took a deep breath and walked in, knowing this would probably be the last time he would be welcomed in.

"Good timing, kid," Sandy said with a grim expression. "Seth could use some cheering up..."

"I don't think I'm the person to do that," Ryan said, following Sandy into the kitchen.

"Ryan!" Seth said when he saw him. "Summer left me, can you believe it? After everything..."

"She broke up with you almsot three months ago, and told you it was over with no hope three weeks ago," Ryan said. "It's not a new turn of events, Seth."

"You knew?" Sandy asked, surprised.

"Yeah," Ryan said.

"How? I didn't tell you," Seth said, frowning for a moment before a flash of anger came across his face. "I knew it! I knew you weren't just friends!"

"Seth..." Ryan began.

"You've been going behind my back!"

"Nothing happened until you told her the drugs were mroe important than her!" Ryan snapped. "You two were broken up alreayd before anything happened between us!"

"You slept with Summer?" Sandy asked, his own expression just as betrayed as Seth's ways. "How could you do that to your brother?"

"It just... it just happened..." Ryan said, forcing himself to calm down. "She doesn't have that many friends at Stanford, and... she was upset after the break up... it just... it jsut happened. But not until the two of you were over."

"Yeah right!" Seth said. "My buddies always saw her at your place, coming and going in the middle of the night... one time at six in the morning!"

Ryan shook his head. "Seth, you don't know what you're talking about right now..."

"Then enlighten me or saint Ryan ho slept with my fiancee!"

"She was there because I called her!" Ryan snapped. "She came by because I told her I was sitting on my couch with a bottle of jack daniels and my antidepressants thinking of downing them all at once and I needed someone to talk me out of it!"

"Ryan..." Kirsten whispered, speaking for the first time since he'd walk in.

"I don't make friends easy, Seth, you know that. And Summer is the only person who understood how much I was hurting back then, the only one who cared enough to notice that I was sitting on that line. Summer helped me deal with being massively depressed that first year at Berkeley, and when you started using again, when you cheated on her, when you told her that drugs were more important to you than her, she asked me to return the favor because she knows that I know how hard it is to love someone like that! We watched stupid movies and mocked them, we read over each other's term papers and essays to make sure they were okay, we talked about stuff that was going right and stuff that was going wrong. And after she dumped you for the cheating and the drugs... yeah, our relationship changed. And you know what? I'm not sorry, because I... both her and me have a right to be happy and to love someone who loves us back."

"Ryan," Sandy said, using the voice he used to when the boys were being lectured. "How could you do this to Seth?"

Ryan shook his head. "Not everything is about Seth," he said. "Look, I came here today because... Summer's pregnant. I'm the father. I wanted to tell you guys before it got out some other way. It wasn't planned, we're still working out where we go from here, but..."

"You got her pregnant?" Seth asked, furious.

Ryan nodded. "Yeah."

"Get out," Kirsten said. "I don't want you in my house right now."

Ryan nodded. "Okay," he said, taking a step back from them and starting to turn.

"Why would you do this?" Sandy asked. "Why would you hurt Seth like this? She's the love of his life and you stole her..."

"Why would he cheat on the love of his life and tell her he loves the drugs more?" Ryan countered. "I didn't steal her, he threw her away."

"We're your family! Seth would have done anything for you! We all would have!"

"Then why was Summer the only one that figured out I was on antidepressants?" Ryan snapped. "Why was she the only one who called me on Marissa's birthday, and ont he aniversary of the crash, to make sure I was okay? Where was my family when I needed them? Seth was too busy getting high, and the two of you were too busy enabling him by paying all his bills!"

"We pay your rent, too!" Sandy snapped.

"Because you insisted!" Ryan countered. "I never asked or expected you to pay anything for me!"

"Good, because we won't anymore! Good luck supporting her and that baby without a place to live!"

"He won't have to, she'll probably go slut it up with some other guy in no time," Seth muttered.

"Don't ever talk about her like that again," Ryan said, his vice going ice cold. "She's not the one that cheated in your relationship, Seth. She's the one who got cheated on. Yeah, it wasn't the best decision for us to get involved after she dumped you, but it happened, and I will not let you talk about her like that. Are we clear?"

"Get out," Sandy said, echoing Kirsten's earlier words.


"And don't come crawling to us when you have nowhere to live at the end of the month."


"Are you sure about the couch?" Summer asked as Ryan hung his nicer clothes at one end of her closet. "The beds big enough..."

"That would be a little weird," Ryan pointed out. "I'm fine, your couch is comfier than beds I had as a kid."

"Chino, I... I shouldn't have let you..."

"I insisted," Ryan said firmly, turning to look at her. "And... who knows, maybe they'll come around?" he added, though his doubt was obvious. "And if not... at least Soph's still young enough she won't remember me after a little while. I wouldn't want her growing up thinking I didn't love her..."


"That's the worst part, you know? Soph. I won't get to see her grow up. But... I made my choice. I insisted on my choice. It's mine."

Summer walked over and wrapped her arms around his chest, her head tucking in under his chin as he held her. "I'm sorry, Chino."

"You've got nothing to be sorry for."

The End
crossover_fan: pic#115800179crossover_fan on December 14th, 2016 03:14 am (UTC)
Great chapter for this universe. I'm a little surprised that Kirsten didn't say anything when Ryan mentioned the anidepresnts or what Seth did to Summer. Although I'm guessing it'll sink in soon.

I'm looking forward to when Summer and Ryan really do get together.