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18 December 2016 @ 12:13 am
24 Gifts Of 2016 - Day Fifteen - Stay Or Go (Mercy!Verse)  
So... I mentioned this before. Mercy!Verse Ryan (that's the one where he ended up being adopted by John Cooper from Southland and grew up to be a cop/CSI) leaving the CSI New York team and ending up joining the NCIS: New Orleans team. This is one way it could happen. Starts somewhere in season 2 of NCIS:NO (Percy has joined the team and Brody is still on the team... though if not for the fact that I would need to rewrite quite a bit of it, I'd set it later so that Tammy Gregorio was on the team instead of Brody... because I have come to adore Gregorio... lol)

Stay Or Go

"Looks like our guys are father and son cult leaders, Frank and Ryan Atwood," Brody said. "The son, Ryan, was a cop in LA and New York, using a different last name, but he reunited with his father a few months ago and next thing you know, he's taking part in raids along side the rest of his father's men."

"Something doesn't seem right about it," LaSalle said, looking up from the file Brody had just handed him. "He was a highly decorated detective at 27 years old, lots of good clean arrests under his belt. Not a single black mark in his file. Something's not adding up."

"Looks like he was all good until he killed his girlfriend," Percy put in. "Lover's quarrel gone wrong? Maybe he had some kind of break?"

"It gets worse," Pride said as he walked in, trailed by Fornell. "Seems the Atwoods are on the FBI's watch list."

"Didn't help that the dead girl was Sarah McGee," Fornell said. "Younger sister of NCIS Agent Tim McGee, daughter of Admiral McGee. Made it personal."

"Tell them the rest," Pride said with a sigh.

"We've got an inside man who says they're planning something big," Fornell said. "They may have gotten their hands on several vials of smallpox."


Later, LaSalle would ask what he missed, how they got the drop on them, but in the moment, all he knew was that he and Fornell each had a gun pressed to the back of their heads as they knelt on the ground in the isolated warehouse they had been taken to. A young man paced the floor in front of them, and under a scruffy beard and hair hanging in his eyes, as well as worn out clothes, LaSalle recognized him as Ryan Atwood, and judging by the ice in the young man's eyes, LaSalle felt certain that one or both of them were not going to get out of this alive.

"What do we have here?" Frank Atwood asked as he walked into the warehouse, a smirk on his face.

"A couple of feds," Ryan replied, clenching a fist. "Your idiots brought them here."

"You worry too much."

"They were in one of our properties in the city," Ryan pressed. "The rest of their people are gonna know they were looking into us, so they're gonna suspect us. If these two turn up dead, or just plain don't turn up? They're coming after us on federal murder charges. No amount of forensic countermeasures is gonna save us, Frank."

"Didn't we talk about that?" Frank asked, a hard edge to his tone. "I'm your dad..."

"Yeah, we did. But I'm not talking to you as your son. I'm talking to you as the guy you recruited because of my skills. I know my forensics, I know my law, and I know how much shit your idiots just got us into by bringing these two here."

"Wow, a smart criminal," Fornell commented.

"Shut up," Ryan snapped. "We're fucked, Dad," he said, emphasizing the last word sarcastically.

"If they don't turn up, there's no proof of anything. Charges won't stick," Frank argued.

"Maybe not. So maybe their people will be 'forced' to kill us during an arrest instead. 'Forced' to just open fire and obliterate the lot of us. But if these to morons were stupid enough to bring them here, who knows what evidence they left behind. I am not going to prison because of those two fucking..." Ryan said, his voice rising in sharp fear.

"You're not going to jail, neither of us are," Frank said, his tone surprisingly gentle and reassuring, a sharp contrast to moments earlier. "I won't let that happen, son."

Beside him, LaSalle felt Fornell shift, and glanced over to see a tight, angry, expression on the FBI Agent's face, once more getting a feeling he was missing something as he refocused his attention on the Atwoods. Looking closer, he saw the way Ryan angled his body away from everyone in the room, the way he kept a wary eye on all of them, but barely spared a glance towards LaSalle or Fornell. The way his hand twitched whenever Frank moved even a little closer to him. There was no blind devotion there, Ryan didn't trust his father, or any of Frank's men, but he didn't see LaSalle and Fornell as any kind of threat. With a jolt, the final pieces fell into place and LaSalle realized who Fornell's inside man was. He shot another glance at the FBI Agent, and saw he was watching the interaction between the Atwoods closely, jaw clenched.

Frank gestured two of his men over, the ones that brought LaSalle and Fornell to the warehouse and nodded towards the two agents. "Kill them," he said. "Nothing will tie us to them," he added to Ryan. "If anyone gets busted, it'll be these two idiots."

The two men lifted their guns, and LaSalle tensed for the shot. Instead, the doors exploded inwards, and Pride and Percy came in, along with a dozen or so FBI Agents and Gibbs' team, guns drawn and ready.

For a moment everyone seemed frozen, then Fornell broke it. "The short one's my inside man!" he hollered.

Ryan snapped into movement, knocking the legs out from under the man next to him, then spinning to aim the gun at Frank, point blank range. "Frank Atwood, you're under arrest."

"How could you..." Frank began, furious.

"How could I?" Ryan asked. "Where to begin? How about the time I went by my girlfriends' apartment and found her dead, with DNA evidence that on first glance pointed to me because it was fucking you that killed her?"


"Don't call me that," Ryan said coldly, his aim never wavering. "Could someone cuff him before I put a bullet in his head? Or his dick, the two are pretty much interchangeable."

"I've got it," Pride said after giving LaSalle a once over to make sure he was alright. "You had us pretty fooled," he added to Ryan as he cuffed Frank.

"If I didn't fool you, I wouldn't fool him," Ryan replied, slowly placing the gun on the nearest table. "And I sure as hell wasn't going to let him get away with what he's done."

"You alright?" Fornell asked.

"I'll be better after I make a call to LA."

Fornell nodded. "I'll get you a phone. Pride, you mind letting the kid get cleaned up at your office? He looks like shit."

"Gee, thanks," Ryan said.


"I thought for sure I was gonna a bullet to the head," LaSalle said as he sat at the counter at Pride's bar, the rest of the team spread out in the room. "Kid seemed ready to let it happen."

"He was committed to the take down," Fornell said as he and Ryan walked in. Contrary to the last time they'd seen him, Ryan was clean shaven and dressed in casual but clean clothes, making him look years younger than he had with his scruffy beard and worn out clothes, but at the same time he looked exhausted, like it was taking everything he had to stay on his feet and not just lie down and go to sleep.

"Frank has always been an evil man," Ryan said. "I was happy just keeping him out of my life. But..."

"He framed you then thought you'd switch to his side?" LaSalle asked.

"He didn't frame me on purpose," Ryan said. "My girlfriend... she's... she was..."

"I told them," Fornell interupted.

"Okay, that's... thanks," Ryan said. "Sarah's family is kind of a big deal... far as I can tell, he went after her to get to her family. Pure chance she was my girlfriend, too. I still don't know if he even realized that part when he... when he raped and killed her."

"Ryan's DNA and prints were all over Sarah's apartment," Fornelle picked up the story. "And Frank's DNA was all over Sarah. Lucky for Ryan, he worked at the Crime Lab, they knew him, they knew he wouldn't have done that to Sarah, so they looked deeper, did a more in depth DNA test, found that while there was a relation, Ryan wasn't the culprit. That pointed to Frank, which got me involved since we'd been investigating Frank for months. His little cult was making some waves. And NCIS was involved because of it being Sarah."

Ryan jumped back in then. "Fornell asked if I'd had contact with Frank, I told him I hadn't and didn't want to, and he asked me that if Frank made contact to try not to let on that I knew he killed Sarah. To try and keep calm and see if I could get anything from him. So when I got home and found Frank in my living room... I made a decision. I said they still thought it was me, that even with other evidence pointing away, they still didn't trust me. I pretended to be furious with my coworkers, feel betrayed by them. Frank started talking about me coming with him, promising we'd hunt down the son of a bitch that killed Sarah. Said I'd be a big help since I know the law and forensics so well... I agreed but said I needed to get my hands on the evidence files for the case before I left town. Of course, I actually went in, spoke to my boss, who called Fornell. Next thing I know, I'm an inside man."

"He's been feeding us intell for close to a year," Fornell said. "Got us what we need to convict Frank Atwood on a hell of a lot of charges."

"Including Sarah's murder."

"Including that," Fornell said.

"You heading back to New York, then?"

Ryan shrugged. "Don't know. Maybe back to LA, I grew up there, my Dad's still there..."

"Wait..." LaSalle said.

"Frank went to prison when I was 8, I didn't see him again until New York. By the time I was fourteen, my mother had walked out on me, and I was in a bad place. No one cared if I lived or died. Until a cop who arrested me once saw something in me. He took me in, then adopted me. Frank's the guy who got my mother pregnant. Officer John Cooper of the LAPD is my dad. Right now I'm waiting to..." he cut himself off as his cellphone rang and his smiled. "Speak of the devil," he said, stepping away to answer. "Hey, dad... no, I'm fine. It's been a long year, but... I'm good. Yeah..."

"He's a good kid," Fornell said. "Hell of a bad hand in life, but... a good kid."

"You trying to recruit him?"

"Thinking about it. He and Abby Scuito are friends from a forensics conference a few years back, she vouched for him, part of why I recruited him for this. And apparently, just before her death, Sarah had sent her brother an email singing Ryan's praises and talking about wanting them to meet."

Pride considered. "Let's see which offer he picks," he finally said as Ryan hang up and started back over. "Everything good with your dad?" Pride asked Ryan.

"Yeah, he was in the middle of a shift, got a call had to go," Ryan replied.

"I wanted to offer to sponsor you for the FBI Academy. You'd make a great Agent," Fornell said. "And I could put in a request for you to join my team...

"Agent Fornell," Ryan said. "As much as I appreciate the offer, I... I don't want to be anywhere near the northeast for a while. And if I was in DC, chances are I would wind up running into Agent McGee at some point, especially if I was on your team considering how much you work with NCIS. And even though he no longer thinks I killed his sister, he knows my father did. It would be painful for both of us. So I... I can't."

"How about staying here?" Pride said. "We could use someone in the field who has your forensics skills. And back in the office you can translate for Sebastian," he added, shooting a smile over his shoulder at the forensics tech.

"I'm not that bad!" Sebastian protested. "Am I?" he added.

"Yes," LaSalle and Percy said at once.

Ryan considered, then looked at LaSalle. "You won't have a problem working with someone who was talking about killing you?"

LaSalle shook his head. "Hell, Pride went undercover once and shot me in the chest and I still work with him just fine."

"Alright," Ryan said. "I guess I'm staying."

The End

It kinda killed me to kill Sarah McGee, even off camera, because what little we saw of her on NCIS, I loved her... and I absolutely adore Troian Bellisario (the actress who played Sarah McGee in her appearances, and who is actually the step sister of the actor who plays Tim McGee)... plus I hate the trope of 'fridging' a female character for the sake of their boyfriend's character development. But... it would take something real big to get Ryan to work with Frank for any reason, and making Sarah McGee the dead girlfriend got NCIS and the FBI involved...

crossover_fan: pic#115800179crossover_fan on December 18th, 2016 08:17 am (UTC)
I agree that it sucks to kill off Sarah, but this is something I've been curious to see how you would do it. The ending drew me in and has me looking forward to more. Plus Abby and Ryan being friends makes a lot of sense. I can picture them being pretty good friends.