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18 December 2016 @ 12:16 am
24 Gifts Of 2016 - Day Sixteen - Remission (Inside Out/Upside Down Verse, Ryan/Jess)  
Inside Out/Upside Down! Ryan/Jess! Oh how I love them... this is a MUCH happy one than the earlier gift this year... there's smiles and hugs and teasing and Jess' book is mentioned again... lol

"Is Jess back yet?" Ryan asked as he hurried into the almost empty Diner.

"Nah, his agent was late so the meeting started late," Luke said, rolling his eyes before actually looking up at Ryan and raising an eyebrow. "You look like you're in a good mood," he said.

"I just had a very good doctor's appointment," Ryan said. "I wanted to tell Jess first, and in person, but..." Before he could finish, the door opened and Jess was there, looking pissed off until he saw Ryan and then immediately tensing in a totally different way.

"What'd the doctor say?" he asked, hurrying over.

"Remission," Ryan said. "No sign of cancerous cells, no tumors... clean bill of health."

Jess immediately relaxed, grabbing Ryan to pull him close. "Thank God," he whispered.

"That is great news," Luke said.

"But not for your business, because now I can drink coffee again, and you have always refused to charge me for it," Ryan said with a grin. "So you will be giving me ALL the free coffee."

"I can deal with that," Luke said. "Speaking of?"

"Yes, coffee me, Luke."

"That sounds weird," Lorelai said as she walked in.

"He's in remission," Jess said. "Cancer's gone."

"What? Oh my God!" Lorelai said, hurrying over to hug Ryan, who returned it. "That's great! I was starting to miss how you piss off Taylor."

"I have no idea what your talking about," Ryan said with a smirk.

"Sure you don't," Luke replied.


Later, Ryan and Jess laid in their bed in the apartment above the diner, tangled in the sheets. "I was scared it would be bad news," Jess admitted. "That there was no change, or it was worse... I was scared you would have to get that kind of news alone because of my stupid agent."

"Well, I didn't. And she may be stupid, but your career isn't. You're on the best sellers list, Jess. You have been for a year. And it just keeps going higher."

"Apparently they want me to appear on 'The Talk'," Jess said. "Offered a nice paycheck for it."

"You should," Ryan said. "You know you adore Sharon Osbourne."

"And you have a crush on Aisha Tyler," Jess replied with a grin. "Apparently they've all read 'Not Temporary' and were 'so moved' by it."

Ryan laughed. "Oh my God... you have to, Jess. Seriously. Imagine the look on Taylor Doose's face when he finds out the entire country loves you."

"Well, from what Miranda told me, everyone adores you, too," Jess said. "Apparently, when they were talking to Miranda about me maybe appearing, they asked how you were doing."

"Then you have to go on the show so you can reassure them that I'm fine."

"And make Taylor have a fit when I mention how we're constantly doing battle with our vaguely homophobic neighbor?"

"We're not doing battle with him," Ryan said. "It's a battle of wits and he is woefully unarmed."

"And people think you're the nice one."

"Little do they know," Ryan replied, turning and kissing Jess. "So?"

"Alright, I'll do it. If it'll make you happy, I'll go on the stupid show."

The End

I just can't shake the idea of Jess trying to be good and not glare, cuss, or flip anyone off, and of course Luke and Lorelai would watch and later tease him about it... but Jess actually likes the idea of very publicly announcing to pretty much literally the world that he loves Ryan.