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18 December 2016 @ 12:20 am
24 Gifts Of 2016 - Day Seventeen - Beginnings 3 (Ryan Bullit!Verse)  
Another edition of Beginnings (Ryan Bullit!Verse) This one introduces Katie, Hanoi's girlfriend who is his wife in stories taking place later in the timeline. I picture her as Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead), because she can play both classy and lady like, as well as down and dirty kick ass.

Beginnings 3

"Katie's coming by this morning," Hanoi said as they finished up breakfast. "I didn't know Ryan was coming, and you know her phone is shit, never has reception, so I haven't been able to reach her to cancel. But I'll explain when she gets here. She'll understand."

"Who's Katie?" Ryan asked. "Girlfriend?"

"Yup," Hanoi said. "Love of my life. I intend for her to be the one and only woman I ever marry, the one and only I ever love."

"In other words he refuses to be another dad with the dozens of ex-wives," Lubbock said with a snort. "For a smart and gorgeous girl, Katie sure does have questionable taste in which Bullit Boy to date," he added.

"Nah, she just picked the one who knows how to treat a lady, and it's not taking her to muck out the horse stalls on a first date."

"You didn't," Ryan said, a horrified look on his face. "I'm really bad at the whole romance thing, and I know better than that."

"He did," Hanoi said. "With Katie. She went out with him first, but after that date... she got interested in the brother who asked her if she wanted to learn how to ride a horse," he added, gesturing at himself.

"I give him shit for it, but there's no way me and Katie would have worked. She's too much if a lady for me," Lubbock said.

"She's a lady who loves riding, and doesn't like mucking out the stalls, but she'll do it because she loves the horses."

"So a keeper," Ryan said with a nod. "You don't have to cancel plans because of me," he added.

"She'll understand," Hanoi said. "Katie's real big on family. She's got like three younger sisters, so... Katie'll understand."

"I'll understand what?"

Ryan turned in his seat to see a brunette woman in jeans and a loose fitting peasant top standing in the doorway to the dining room.

"Katie, I tried calling," Hanoi said, getting up to greet her with a kiss. "My... well... it's a little..."

"The Bullit's my godfather and I got in some trouble. Kinda showed up unexpectedly yesterday," Ryan said, saving Hanoi from his own fumbling for words. "He thinks he has to cancel to entertain me or something, but I'm not eight anymore, I don't need a babysitter."

"I don't trust these idiots not to hurt you by accident..." Hanoi started.

"Who tore out his stitches thirty seconds after first seeing him this morning?" Corpus Christi asked, laughing.

"That was an accident and how was I suppose to know he had a badly stitched bullet hole in his shoulder?"

Katie covered her mouth with her hand to try and muffle her laugh, but in the end shook her head and walked over to Ryan. "Katie Martin," she introduced herself. "It's very nice to meet you."

Ryan smiled, liking her already and instantly seeing how both Lubbock and Hanoi could have fallen for her. "Ryan Atwood. And all I can say is... good luck."

"Too late, I know I'm in a heap of trouble, but... love him too much to back out now," Katie said, glancing over to where Hanoi was being teased by his brothers. "But who the hell shot you? You're a kid!"

"Mentally unstable guy who stole my girlfriend," Ryan said. "It's... a mess. Uncle Gordon's trying to fix it."

"Well, if anyone can, it's him," Katie said. "Look, the way I figure it, it's up to you. I can leave you alone with these idiots, or I can stick around and help you make sure none of them do anything too stupid."

"Stick around," Ryan said quickly. "Unless you and Hanoi had plans somewhere else, then... do that. I don't wanna be in anyone's way..."

"Oh, trust me, hanging out around here is MUCH more fun than any other plans we had," Katie said. "Isn't it, Hanoi?"


"Just say yes," Katie instructed.

"Absolutely yes," Hanoi replied, smiling.

Ryan laughed as Katie smiled back and then sat down next to him. "Did Lubbock really take you to muck out stalls as a first date?"

Katie nodded. "Yup. Such a charmer that one, huh? They're all idiots, but..." She shook her head. "How did you end up with The Bullit as your godfather?"

"My biological father worked security for him years ago, they were friends. When I was born... I guess Uncle Gordon had been giving them lots of gifts and stuff, and they decided to milk it for all it was worth, get as much as they could from him, so..."

"Not a good parent-child relationship, I take it?"

"I was in a foster home before I came here," Ryan said. "My mother's only gonna care that I'm here because she'll think she can get money or something, either from Uncle Gordon directly, or have me get money and give it to her. Haven't even seen my father in like seven years. But I spent my first eight years on this property, growing up around the idiots."

Katie made a sympathetic sound and reached out to brush Ryan's bangs off his forehead. "Well, the Bullits, all of them, love deep and true. And it's pretty damn obvious they've already decided that you are theirs now."

Ryan nodded. "Hanoi actually asked if they were keeping me," he admitted.

"Hanoi! Ryan is not a stray puppy! Do not ask if you're 'keeping' him like he is one!" Katie said, glaring briefly at her boyfriend. "Idjit."

Ryan laughed at the properly ashamed expression on Hanoi's face.

The End
crossover_fan: pic#115800179crossover_fan on December 18th, 2016 08:26 am (UTC)
Great addittion to this universe. I can picture Katie and Ryan being friends and joking around together.
garnigalgarnigal on December 20th, 2016 02:53 pm (UTC)
Too cute!