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20 December 2016 @ 12:32 pm
24 Gifts Of 2016 - Day Nineteen - All Falls Down (Ryan Bullit!Verse)  
I'm a day behind as of now, sorry about that... we got a late start decorating for Christmas, so the tree didn't get finished until yesterday and then I closed at work, so... but I'm gonna try to get today gifts up before I go to work tonight (closing again)... if not then I promise, two gifts tomorrow...

Anyway, this is Ryan Bullit!Verse, but takes place a while after 'Beginnings' does. Ryan has been in Dallas for a bit less than a year, he is officially and legally a Bullit (since The Bullit did everything he could to speed up the process), and things are going great. So of course one thing after another goes wrong... lol

All Falls Down

Ryan had officially been a Bullit for about eight months when suddenly there were a lot of closed door meetings between Bullit and his lawyers, and even the boys who lived further away came back to Dallas after calls from Corpus Christi and Laredo. Ryan felt out of the loop, like they were hiding something, and when Bullit sat them all down in the living room one day he found out he was right, everyone else had known at least part of what was going on.

"I'm looking at a couple years in prison," Bullit said, shaking his head. "My own damn fault, I trusted the wrong people to look after my books and negotiate business purchases. Turns out one of them strong armed some people into selling, and another hid money in an off shore account, but it all looks like I had a hand in it, so... I'm the one going to prison."

"Shouldn't there be a trial or something?" Spencer asked. "Explain what really happened, offer to help fix it..."

Bullit sighed. "There's no evidence that directly ties the other guys to it. And the DA made it clear if we go to trial, he'll go for the maximum sentence. With all the charges, it could be twenty years. But, if I take a plea deal on some of the charges, he'll drop others, make it five years in, possibility fo parole after three. I'll miss you and Ryan graduating high shool, but be out in time for college graduation."

"Yeah, but if you admit you're guilty, what about our money? Are they gonna take it?"

"Who cares about money?!" Ryan snapped. "He's going to prison, Spencer! Prison is not a fucking country club, it's prison, with a cell with bars and a lot of very nasty people!"

"Hey, it's alright," Bullit said, getting up and moving to sit between Spencer and Ryan. "For one, rich as I am, they're stickin' me in a prison that's like a country club you can't leave. I may even be able to learn how to golf," he said, trying to lighten the mood slightly. "And Spencer, our money's safe. There'll probably be civil suits from the people who were strong armed, and there's some back taxes on the hidden money, but... we've got more than enough to cover it, we're not gonna go broke or even have to tighten our belts. That's one of the reasons I've got those trust funds for you boys, that money can't be touched by this, so even if I went broke, you boys would be just fine. But I'm not gonna go broke." He took a deep breath, putting one arm around Ryan's shoulders and the other around Spencer's. "I talked to your brothers about this, came up with a plan. While I'm gone, Hanoi's gonna take a leave of absence from school, he'll be your legal guardian."

"That means I'm gonna make sure you guys get to school and eat, and if you get hurt, I'm the one who'll make medical decisions," Hanoi said. "Dad already drew up the paperwork. Lubbock's gonna run the ranch, and he's in charge if I can't be for some reason."

"It'll be alright," Bullit told all the boys, but his gaze was focused on Ryan, who was staring at down at his shaking hands. "I'll be back before you know it."


Not long after Bullit reported to prison, Ryan got in a fight with John Ross. It was stupid, the same shit they always fought about, how John Ross was reckless and was gonna get hurt drinking and driving, and Ryan had tried to drag him out of the party before he joined an orgy. The usual. But this time John Ross had snapped back at him.

"Just because you don't know how to have fun doesn't mean I can't!" John Ross yelled, drawing the attention of a few people.

"It's not about having fun, it's about not getting all the STDs that exist!" Ryan replied. "It's about not driving drunk and getting yourself killed!"

"I don't need a babysitter!"

"Could have fooled me!"

"You shoulda stayed where you were instead of coming back to Texas. No one even missed you!"

Ryan visibly flinched, but as drunk as he was, John Ross didn't even notice. "John Ross..."

"Just leave me the hell alone. Don't know why I even bothered being your friend," he added before turning and going off with his other 'friends'.

Ryan stood there for a moment, watching his best friend storm off, then turned and left the party, trying hard to shove down all his emotions and pretend he wasn't falling apart.


When Hanoi found out about the fight, it was the last straw and he got Ryan into therapy again, which Ryan had mixed feelings about. Bullit had him see a shrink for a couple months when he first came back to Dallas, helping him work out his feelings about the last few years and feel mre secure about his place in the Bullit family, and it had helped. And with everything going on with Bullit, and now the fight with John Ross, Ryan was feeling lost again, a constanting gnawing anxiety and fear in the pit of his stomach. The shrink prescribed him some mood stablizers, and Dr. DuPres got him something for the ulcer he was developing, and Ryan started feeling a little more stable, less tense and anxious. Hanoi and Lubbock made sure they spent a little bit of time each day with Ryan, especially sicne Spencer was a popular Senior and didn't want to be caught hanging out with his brother, the depressed Junior.

The day things took another bad turn, it was Katie who was hanging out with Ryan. It was the first week of December, and she had convinced Ryan to help her pick out presents for all the Bullit Boys, since she and Hanoi had only gotten more serious over the last year, to the point where pretty much all of them expected an incoming proposal any day.

"Can't I just buy Spencer a muzzle?" Katie asked, smiling when she was rewarded with a laugh from Ryan. "Lord knows that boy needs to learn how to shut up."

"He'd probably just chew right through it," Ryan said. "Thanks, Katie."

"For what? You're the one helping me out!"

"You seriously think I don't know that Hanoi and Lubbock are worried about me? That they were busy today and wanted someone to keep a eye on me? That they're tired of keeping an eye on me? Tired of me?"

"Hey, they are not tired of you," Katie said firmly, putting an arm around Ryan's shoulders and pulling him into a sideways hug. "They couldn't love you more if you were blood. Hell, I know for a fact they like you more than they like Spencer," she said with a small smile. "Yeah, they're worried, but... it's because they love you. And this was not about getting away from you for a while. This is... they're getting the place decked out for Christmas. They know it used to be your favorite time of you, and you loved the great big trees they always had, so... they wanted to surprise you."

"And you decided to ruin the surprise?" Ryan said.

"If it makes you stop stressing out for nothing, then it's worth it," Katie said.

"There he is!"

Ryan and Katie half turned to see several men heading their way with cameras recording. "Come on, let's go," Katie said, steering Ryan towards the exit.

Being harassed by the media, particularly the more tabloid style 'journalists', had become common since Bullit's plea deal was leaked to the papers. Everyone seemed to think the brothers knew details of what had happened, and that they were jumping at the chance to talk to reporters about their father's 'crimes'. Ryan had mostly been shielded from it, since he pretty much only went to school and came home, never being in public where he could be cornered. So of course they were all eager to get a quote from him, the youngest and freshly adoptive son of the infamous Gordon Bullit.

"Did you know Gordon Bullit was stealing people's companies?" one of the men shouted, and Katie kept a firm arm around Ryan, refusing to let him turn around.

"Just ignore them," she said, her expression tight and angry as they hurried to her car.

"How much money did he hide in his son's trust funds?" someone called out.

"Miss Martin, what does your father think about you spending so much time with a criminals kids? Is he worried it'll affect his senate compaign?"

Katie opened the passenger side door and shielded Ryan as he got in, firmly ignoring the shouted questions, but that one made her tense up slightly, because her father wasn't happy about it, and inf act had ordered her to stop seeing Hanoi or else, an order she had promptly ignored.

"I'm sorry," Ryan whispered.

Katie gave him a sad smile, then stepped back and closed his door, before spinning around to face the crowd, well aware that this would be another thing for her father to scold her about but unable to stop herself. "You think you're big men? Harassing a teenage boy who's isn't even remotely involved in his dad's business? He's not even seventeen yet you unmitigated assholes! Leave him the hell alone!" She turned back and hurriedly got int he car, glancing over at Ryan as she slammed the door and seeing him staying at her wide eyed.

"Unmitigated assholes?" Ryan echoed.

"If the shoe fits," Katie replied, though she started snickering as Ryan laughed. "Come on, there's a little shop I know that has some great homemade fudge."

Ryan nodded, both of them buckling their seat belts and Katie edging forward only to be blocked by the 'journalists'. She lowered her window just a bit. "Move or I'll have you arrested for harrassment and unlawful detainment!" They moved just enough to let her past, but she could see some of them alreayd hurrying to their own vehicles and she did something she normally wouldn't, gunning the engine to speed through the parking lot. At the entrance to the street, she braked, checking that it was clear before going to cross with the light.

It happened too fast for them to full realize what had happened, but later traffic cameras and the video from one of the 'journalists', revealed it. A truck had turned onto the cross street a block down on the passenger side, speeding towards the intersection, and Katie could clearly be seen breaking when she saw it, stopping in the middle of the near lane, and one video actually captured how she threw an arm across Ryan's chest to keep him from jerking forward too much. Another video caught one of the journalists cars not stopping and slamming right into Katie's rear bumber, shoving them out into the other line and into the path of the oncoming truck, which slammed into the front passenger side.


Ryan didn't wake up until the hospital, laying on a bed and feeling like someone had wrapped him too tightly in a blanket. He groaned, and immediately, Hanoi appeared from Ryan's left, one hand going to Ryan's forehead and the other taking Ryan's left hand.

"Hey, baby brother," Hanoi said, his eyes red rimmed. "You scared the crap out of me," he added.

Ryan tried to talk and coughed slightly, moaning as pain tore through him, and Hanoi placed a straw to his lips, letting him sip some water. After, Ryan tried again. "Katie?"

"Mostly bumps and bruises, but her right arm and hand are broken," Hanoi said. "She got lucky, considering..."


"You... A truck hit you guys, right at the front passenger seat. You... you're pretty banged up. And for a while there, they... they told us they didn't know if... but you're gonna be okay, it's just gonna take some time..."

"My back hurts," Ryan said.

"Yeah, that's... your back's broken in two places, along with your right leg and arm. They... they weren't sure at first, but... you're gonna be fine. It's just gonna take some time, and some physical therapy once you're back heals... But you'll be fine."

"Are you trying to convince me or you?" Ryan asked.

Hanoi smiled shakily. "A little of each? I never want to get a call like that again."

"Does... does Uncle Gordon know?"

Hanoi nodded. "I couldn't just not tell him. He's got access to a TV, and it's all over the news. There's talk about the prosecutor going after those... unmitigated assholes... for what happened."

Ryan sigh at his brother's clearly affectionate quoting of Katie. "I'm sorry she got hurt 'cause of me," he said.

"It's not your fault, kid," Hanoi said firmly. "The last thing either of us want is you blaming yourself because of those assholes. They did this, they got her hurt, they put you in this bed..."

"Hey, don't yell at him, even if it's to defend him," came Katie's voice, and Ryan wanted to turn towards it, but between what he know realized was some sort of back brace and the pain, he had to stop mid turn. "Hey, sweetheart," Katie said as she appeared from Ryan's right, bruises on her face and tears in her eyes. "Don't you ever scare your brothers and me like that again, okay?"

"I thought it wasn't my fault?" Ryan joked.

"Ha ha," Katie said. "I mean you staying a sleep for almost a week."

"A week?" Ryan asked, glancing pover at Hanoi, who nodded.

"Yeah. They kept telling us you weren't in a coma, but... you weren't waking up. Your arm and leg and back... we can deal with, you'll heal and be okay. But if you... We were scared."

"I kept telling them we should have Maria bring a fresh made breakfast by and wave it under your nozse," Katie teased. "I'm gonna go call the rest of the boys, let 'em know he's awake."

The End

I really do love Katie... she's one of my new favorite Original Characters... lol...

crossover_fan: pic#115800179crossover_fan on December 21st, 2016 09:24 am (UTC)
It's great to see that Katie and Ryan are both ok after such a bad accident. With it being all over the news, it has me wondering if it reached Newport.