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21 December 2016 @ 08:33 pm
24 Gifts Of 2016 - Day Twenty - Wake Up Call (Robbie!Verse)  
This one is Robbie!Verse and takes place a couple weeks after Dawn showed up at Ryan and Robbie's house, declaring she was engaged to marry a minister.

I still owe one more gift tonight so I'm caught up... it should be up in a little bit.

Wake Up Call

In the middle of the night, Ryan woke to his bedroom door creaking open and sat up to see a hesitant looking Robbie in the doorway. "What's up kid?" he asked, yawning.

"I... I think there's someone outside," Robbie said. "I know there is. I... something woke me up, and I heard someone, and I looked out my window and there's a car parked on the street, and I went downstairs and I could see them through the window next the door..."

"They were trying to get in?" Ryan asked, wide awake now and grabbing a shirt to pull on over his sweatpants.

"I think so?"

"Go back to your room and lock the door," Ryan said. "If you hear any yelling, call the cops immediately." He waited for Robbie to nod, then grabbed his cell phone and headed downstairs. Sure enough, as he got halfway down, he could see the outline of a figure through the narrow window next to the door, hunched over the doorknob, which kept rattling like someone was trying, and clearly failing, to pick it. Ryan wasn't overly worried, the lock itself was an expensive one, suppossedly 'pick proof', that he'd splurged on after Joanne, Robbie's birth mother, had broken into their previous apartment to 'prove' Ryan was a pedophile by ransacking the place in searh on non-existant evidence. On top of that, there was both a chain and a sliding bolt on the door for the same reason, as backup in case the regular lock wasn't so 'pick proof'.

Ryan walked away slightly, towards the kitchen, and called 911.

"911, what's you emergency?"

"My son and I just woke up to the sounds of someone trying to break into our house," Ryan replied quietly, keeping an eye on the shadow beyond the window. "I think they're trying to pick the lock on the front door, i can see their shadow through the window."

"Can you confirm your address?"

"1313 Scotland Drive," Ryan said, flinching as whoever it was angrily kicked the door.

"Officers are on their way," the dispatcher said.

"Thank..." Ryan began, only to jump as the window next to the door shattered and a hand reached through. "They just broke my window!" he said, louder than he meant to, and immediately the hand yanked back out and whoever it was ran. "And now they took off."

"We'll still send officers to check it out," the dispatcher said.

"Thank you," Ryan said, hearing a sound at the top of the stairs and turning to see Robbie there, phone clutched in his hand. "It's okay, kid, they took off, but officers are on their way to check things out."

Robbie nodded. "Okay," he whispered.


Pissed did not begin to describe how Ryan felt when the officers arrived and found a broken silver bracelet just outside the shattered front window. He had seen that bracelet before, a few weeks earlier when Dawn had unexpectedly shown up. She had fluttered her hands in front of her at one point, waving off his distress about her turning up for her own reasons and not out of love for him, and the silver chain and it's cross shapped pendant had caught his attention.

"Maybe you should jsut call your mother so..." one of the officers began dismissively.

"So she's doesn't try to break into my house, thus committing a crime, again?" Ryan interrupted, furious. "Until three weeks ago, I hadn't seen her in almost a decade. I haven't lived with her in thirteen years, sicne she abandoned me with strangers when I was fifteen. The last time I spoke to her before three weeks ago? I was in the hospital after a serious car accident where a friend of mine was killed, and she called to yell at me for wrecking the truck she got me as a graduation present. That's the relationship we have. A non-existant one, and you want me to call ehr up and chat?! She tried to break into my house! She scared the hell out of my kid!"


"Cullen, shut up," the other officer said. "Unfortunately, a bracelet isn't gonna be enough for her to get arrested. She could have stopped by earlier today and dropped it, it could be unrelated. I doubt it, but..."

Ryan nodded, that he could understand. He knew they wouldn't be able to arrest her, probably couldn't even pull her in for questioning. "Can it at least be put in your report that there's circumstantial evidence that it was her?" he asked.

"Yeah, we can do that," the officer said, seemingly surprised.

"My foster dad was a lawyer, he's a law professor now, can't help but absorb some of his random lawyer talk," Ryan explained. "I just... this is the second time she has shown up and disrupted my life, upset my kid... there's gotta be something I can do."

"Cameras," the helpful officer said. "Get some cheap at Wal-Mart or something, put 'em up somewhere out of the way but with a view of the door. If you can get her on video, then we can act."

Ryan nodded. "Okay."

"Also might wanna consider a dog. Doesn't have to be trained to attack or even defend, just having something that'll bark might discourage anyone from trying anything, considering how quick they bolted when they heard you inside."

Ryan nodded again. "Okay."

"And get the window fixed," Officer Cullen said, apparently trying to be helpful.

"As soon as it's not 3 in the morning I'm calling one of the contractors I work with to fix it," Ryan said, his tone making it plain how obvious it was that he'd fix it.

"Go back to the car, Cullen," the helpful officer said. Once he was out of earshot the officer turned back to Ryan. "Not telling you how to parent, but I'd recommend keeping your son home from school today. He seems pretty freaked out..."

Ryan sighed. "I adopted him a few months ago, fostered for about a year before that. Seriously bad homelife. Shit like this? Brings him back. And he was right there when I said the bracelet was Dawn's, and abusive bitches for mothers is soemthing he and I have in common, so... it hits hard."

The helpful officer nodded. "Well, like I said, having something that'll bark would probably discourage whoever this was, and if it's a larger breed it might make the kid feel more secure."

Ryan nodded. "Yeah, I'm thinking one of our stops tomorrow will be the animal shelter."

The End

Spoiler alert? They get a dog. A German Sheppard Dog named Zoey... because I have a German Sheppard Dog named Zoey who I love and adore... she's a monster, and if I had seen Guardian's Of The Galaxy before I named her she probably would have ended up ebing named 'Drax' (as in Drax The Destroyer... lol), but I love my Zoey. I need to upload pics of her from my phone... I have one from back in the last week of August (when we got her) and one from about a week ago, both of her curled up with my pitbull, Jinksy, so it's REALLY clear how much she's grown in just four months... lol
crossover_fan: pic#115800179crossover_fan on December 22nd, 2016 04:38 am (UTC)
Good to see Ryan scared off Dawn before she actually got inside. Although I'd like to see what happens if they catch the person that tried to break, if it is Dawn and find what the hell she was breaking in for.