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23 December 2016 @ 10:39 pm
24 Gifts Of 2016 - Day Twenty Three - Anytime (Ryan Bullit!Verse)  
Okay! Actually caught up!

Ryan Bullit!verse, takes place shortly after the car accident fom Day 19's gift (which is about 5 years before the gifts where Ryan is taking Brooke home to meet the Bullits, and around 10 months after the gifts about when Ryan first went to Texas) and focuses mostly on Ryan's relationships with The Bullit and with John Ross Ewing, his best friend.


Ryan was miserable, stuck in a hospital bed with a broken leg and arm, and with a back that ached constantly. His brothers all took turns keeping him company, as did Katie, but the one person he really wanted to see couldn't come, and it just made everything bad feel even worse.

Then, one day, Hanoi came in with a big smile on his face, and was followed immediately by The Bullit.

"Dad," Ryan said, referring to him that way for the first time. He had been referring to Bullit as his dad since the adoption, his own way of reminding himself that he had a family, a dad, that loved him now, but he hadn't directly called Bullit that.

"Hey, kid," Bullit said with a sad smile that seemed so out of place on the usually boisterous man. "God, i missed you," he added as he moved to the bed and leaned down to give Ryan a hug.

Ryan couldn't help, and didn't even really try to, letting out a sob as he wrapped his good arm around Bullit and clung to him. "Dad," he whispered again.

After a few minutes like that, Bullit pulled back enough to sit in a chair, his eyes filled with unshed tears of his own as he kept hold of Ryan's hand. "I can't stay long, I got a couple hours furlough, then gotta go back," he said. "But I had to see my boy, make sure your brothers are taking care of you."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, Dad," Hanoi said, feigning offense.

Ryan laughed slightly. "They are," he said. "Don't blame Katie, okay? It wasn't her fault, even if she thinks it was..."

"I know," Bullit said gently. "I saw the video of the crash, saw her throw out that arm to try and protect you. Love that girl even more now."

"She keeps telling me how sorry she is, and I don't think she believes me that it's not her fault."

"That's because she loves you, baby brother," Hanoi said. "She's heartbroken that you got hurt on her watch, 'cause as far as she's concerned, you're her brother, too."

"He needs to get off his ass and make that official, huh?" Bullit said to Ryan, who nodded tiredly. "Hanoi and Lubbock were telling me on the drive here all about the renovations they're rushing so you can go home to recover..."

"Renovations?" Ryan asked, surprised.

"Widening doorways, since you'll be in a wheelchair for a little bit," Hanoi explained. "And getting a bedroom set up in that office that's right off the kitchen and family room. Handrails in the attached bathroom so you can do as much by yourself as possible, as quickly as possible. And looking for private nurses and physical therapists, so the hospital will agree to release you."

"Oh..." Ryan said. "Thanks."

"Yeah, well, it wasn't entirely our idea," Hanoi said. "John Ross showed up after he saw a reporter on the news saying you'd need months of rehab, and he tore us a new one for even considering making you do it all alone somewhere."

"He did?"

"I think you might be able to get a genuine apology out of him," Hanoi said, shaking his head. "Never thought I'd see the day that would happen."


It was a few days later, Ryan finally out of the damn back brace but still confined to bed, when John Ross showed up, hovering in the doorway with a completely foreign look of uncertainty on his face. "Hey," he said when Ryan spotted him.

"Hey," Ryan replied.

"Look, I'm an idiot, you know that. I give Spencer a run for his money," John Ross said, smiling slightly when Ryan let out an amused snort. "I don't... I don't remember what I said... I mean, I know what I said, someone got it on video, so I saw myself being a fucking asshole to my best friend, who was trying to keep me from getting in trouble... I'm sorry."

Ryan shrugged, wincing slightly as it tugged on his still healing body. "You're always an asshole."

"Yeah, but not to you," John Ross said. "You're the only person who's always had my back. Even Uncle Bobby gets tired of my shit and I know he loves him. But not you, you always stood by me, looked out for me, let me be an asshole to the world."

"You're your father's son," Ryan said pointedly.

"I deserve that," John Ross said. "But... I don't deserve a friend like you. So if you never forgive me, never want to be my friend again, I get it, I brought it on myself, but... I miss you."

Ryan looked away. "Yeah, same," he admitted. "My brothers are treating me like I'm made of glass and I'm gonna shatter in a million pieces if I hear anything less than positive, and I miss having someone who'll give me a straight, honest, answer."

"I hear you got to see Bullit."

"Yeah, somehow they convinced someone to give him a day pass or something to come see me."

"That's great."

"I miss him," Ryan admitted, his good hand fiddling with the edge of his blanket. "A lot."

"I'll bet it's killing him to be away right now," John Ross said. "And I know he's got his lawyers trying to find a way to get him out even earlier than the three years, so he can be here with you."

"Did you know they're remodeling the house so I can go home?"

"Yeah, I heard that."

"Hanoi said you read them the riot act for even thinking of sending me off to a hospital somewhere."

"Well, you're not gonna recover all alone surrounded by strangers," John Ross said. "How stupid are they that they needed to be told that?"

Ryan snorted. "Thanks."

"Anytime," John Ross replied. "But hopefully there will never be another time."

"I'm with you there," Ryan agreed.

"By the way? You were right."



Ryan tried to keep a straight face, then started laughing, even though it hurt his back. "God damn it, John Ross," he said.

John Ross shrugged. "I've gotta hella taste in bed partners," he said.

"That's one way to put it," Ryan said, still laughing. "I'm glad you're here."

"Wouldn't be anywhere else."


When Ryan finally went home, fourteen days after the accident, it was nestled in the back of a limo with pillows behind his back and on either side, trying to protect him from any bumps and jostles. And it was driving Ryan crazy that he was still being treated like he was going to break into a million pieces at any moment. But all annoyance disappeared when they took the last turn on the drive and he saw the house waiting in front of him, decked out in Christmas lights and wreaths, all twelve of his brothers, plus Katie and John Ross, waiting outside to greet him.

Lubbock helped him from the limo to a wheelchair, Ryan grimacing both from discomfort and from the hatred of the stupid chair, then relaxing into the cushions they'd lined it with as well.

"Welcome home, baby brother," Lubbock said, the others echoing the sentiment as Lubbock guided the chair up the new ramp and into the house, revealing an absolutely huge Christmas tree that seemed to fill most of the entryway, stretching almost to the two story high ceiling. There weren't any presents there, which made sense when they passed through the living room and Ryan spotted a smaller, though still large, tree that had presents piled under and around it.

"See that giant marshmallow of a chair? All yours," Lubbock teased. "Although you may have to fight Katie for it."

"Hell, I'm buying myself one," Katie said. "It's so comfortable," she added to Ryan.

"Looks like it," Ryan said.

"There's another surprise, too," Hanoi said, opening the door to the room Ryan assumed was his new, and hopefully temporary bedroom. While he was correct about it being his room, he barely had time to realize that before he saw Bullit standing by the bed.

"Dad!" Ryan said.

"Welcome home, son," Bullit said.

"We got him a compassionate release," Hanoi said. "Instead of prison, her gets three years of house arrest, then he becomes eligible for full release provided he's met all the conditions."

"So you're home, too?" Ryan asked.

"Sure am," Bullit said. "And you have John Ross to thank for that."

Ryan turned to looked over his shoulder at his friend, who shrugged. "How...?"

"I was there the day Bullit saw you at the hospital. I took video of right when he walked in, then... somehow... it got leaked online," John Ross explaine, putting on his best innocent expression, which didn't fool any of the Bullits. "Petitions started up like crazy to do something so you could have your dad home with you. We're talking a bunch of little old ladies and middle aged housewives picketing the courthouse and the governor's mansion because it was cruel and unusual to make you suffer without your dad. Showing up on TV daring anyone to watch the video and not be heart broken."

Ryan shook his head. "Thank you," he said.

"Anytime," John Ross replied. "But I gotta get going. My dad's suppose to be back from Bahrain tonight."

"Tell JR I said, hello," Bullit said.

The End

Someday, I will post a 'cast' for this fic. Since we only got a glimpse of the Bullit Boys, and we know nothing about any of them (except for Spencer), I have my own head canons. I also have various actors I picture when writing them. I know so far I've only given Hanoi and Lubbock any 'screentime', but at one point or another, the rest will have some development... lol...
crossover_fan: pic#115800179crossover_fan on December 24th, 2016 07:34 am (UTC)
Even though he's in pain, it's good to see Ryan go home and the Bullit to.