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12 April 2017 @ 06:41 pm
Why can I never have a relaxing day?  
Before I get into it: I'm fine. My mom's fine. A little extra achy because of tensing, but we're okay.

We were in a car accident.

We were driving along the highway in the city about an hour from us (Nearest place to do big shopping trips, plus mom needed to get her new glasses from her eye doctor there), and as we approached a light it turned orange. We were back far enough we could stop before the intersection, so mom braked.

The car behind us did not.

We stopped just before the crosswalk. When my mom realized last second that the car behind us WASN'T stopping, she pressed down on the brake fully so we wouldn't fly straight into the street at a busy intersection. The car behind us hit us, and pushed us a good 3-5 feet forward, so we were past the crosswalk and slightly sticking out into the intersection.

Mom gets out, pissed and commenting "Some people stop for red light," angrily. The driver behind us had the nerve to say "I thought you were going to run it, everyone does." To which my mom replied "I'd love to see you use that excuse to the police."

The guy volunteered his insurance info, but didn't ask for hers and when she offered he didn't take it. Our car has some cosmetic damage to the bumber (slight scrape and a crack in the outer fiberglass), but is otherwise fine. The car that hit us got broken headlights, a crumpled hood and front end. We suspect he has a lot of tickets or something, because he seemed to want to avoid the cops being called.

Like I said, we have some aches and pains, but honestly that could just be normal stuff that seems worse because we're stressed and worried. My mom already has a Doctor's appointment tomorrow for something else, so if she's still sore she'll get checked out then. In the morning, if I'm not feeling better (my back, which hurts regularly due to a childhood injury, is aching pretty bad) , I may go get checked out, too.

It was scary as hell, first car accident I've ever been in... we went to get some lunch right after because we wanted to just sit down and calm down... we were both shaking slightly afterwards.
crossover_fan: pic#115800179crossover_fan on April 13th, 2017 09:03 am (UTC)
Good to hear neither of you were seriously hurt, which I hope is still the case when you wake up in the morning.